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Magical MeetingDesigners

What a Day - And What an Agenda!

Get armed with the best in business for bringing any meeting imaginable to life. Our MeetingDesigners. They make the impossible possible. Transform your meeting hopes into living dreams. They can turn our underground parking level into an urban after-party setting and convert our lush outdoor courtyard into an elegant Italian plaza for social events. Light bulbs on a  string. Café tables. Charming. They know just who to collaborate with and won’t stop until you are blown away. Boom!

Give the meeting program something wild and wow-worthy. For example:

  • Set sail with a course heading portside.

  • Solve a murder - team building.

  • Get closer together (without shaking in your pants).

  • Make way for Segway.

  • Compete and keep your wits about you.

  • And much more.

We have plenty of ideas and contacts for both wild, wet and WOW moments. We are also very interested in hearing about yours. Just let us know and you'll see some fun!

Nordhavn Comwell Copenhagen Portside

What is MeetingDesign?

MeetingDesign is our free advisory service for you. We tailor and customize a meeting or conference package according to your wishes. Our team of experienced MeetingDesigners will follow you from the first phone call to the completion of the meeting and until all participants have returned home. They assist with planning, meeting structure, suggestions for conference rooms, catering, and possible booking of accommodation for all participants.

At Comwell, we have had MeetingDesigners since 2004, and they are the core of our award-winning meeting concept. They stay up-to-date on trends and tendencies in meetings, conferences, and lectures, so they can provide you with the best advice. During the meeting, they ensure that everything goes as planned, so you can focus on the purpose and content of the meeting.