Mødelokale på Comwell Copenhagen Portside

Meeting at Copenhagen Portside

Mødelokale på Comwell Copenhagen Portside

Meeting at Copenhagen Portside

Adaptable Meeting Facilities in Bright and Modern Rooms

Park under the hotel. Take the elevator up. Get started right on time. This is where meetings come alive. 17 adaptable rooms that’ll make any meeting a success. From small fast paced, let’s-get-things-done-workshops to standing ovation-worthy kick-offs for 600 people that leave everyone energized. Whatever you need we’ll make it happen. Refuel with a coffee and grab a spot in our open Co-Work space next to local freelancers and international business guests. Or take in the fresh sea air with a breakout session in our three lush outdoor courtyards. Let’s meet!

Our Facilities Include
Meeting Rooms
17 adaptable meeting rooms as well as a large event and meeting space for up to 600 people and a 1200 m2 raw event space.
IT & AV Equipment
Our rooms are fully equipped with the latest IT and AV equipment and we have excellent AV Technicians ready to help.
Team Building
We offer different team-building exercises and professional input, both outside and inside.
Other Facilities
Restaurant and bar, fitness, co-working area, WiFi, outdoor courtyards, and accommodation.
Meeting Rooms
17 adaptable meeting rooms as well as a large event and meeting space for up to 600 people and a 1200 m2 raw event space.
IT & AV Equipment
Our rooms are fully equipped with the latest IT and AV equipment and we have excellent AV Technicians ready to help.
Team Building
We offer different team-building exercises and professional input, both outside and inside.
Other Facilities
Restaurant and bar, fitness, co-working area, WiFi, outdoor courtyards, and accommodation.

Meeting rooms at Comwell Copenhagen Portside

There are many options when it comes to meeting rooms in Copenhagen. And choosing the right one can take time and thought. With us, there are many rooms to choose from, and we are ready to help you find the room that suits you best.

At Comwell Copenhagen Portside we have 17 meeting rooms in total. The largest meeting room can accommodate over 400 participants and the smallest meeting room can accommodate 8 people. The capacity of each meeting room will also depend on whether you choose round tables, group tables, open seating, or others.

Need exclusive meeting rooms?

Every meeting room has its vibe. In many of our meeting rooms, we've chosen lightweight curtains and sustainable carpets made from fishing nets to keep our location in mind. If you're looking for exclusive meeting rooms in Copenhagen, we recommend our meeting room M9 which has views of both the harbor and hotel lobby - and with a simple click of the remote control, you can turn the view into peace when the windows are frosted.

Of course, all meeting rooms also offer great opportunities to present and display content when you or your presenters take to the stage. We have LED screens, conference phones, clickshare, whiteboards, flipcharts and microphones. And if you have any problems or need help, our AV technician will be on hand to help.

Go on a Virtual Tour in our Meeting Rooms

Here you can explore Comwell Copenhagen Portside's meeting rooms and facilities. This way, you will find the best room for your event.

Konference- og mødelokale A & B på Comwell Copenhagen Portside
Meeting room A & B
Mødelokale C på Comwell Copenhagen Portside
Meeting room C
Mødelokale D på Comwell Copenhagen Portside
Meeting room D
Mødelokale E på Comwell Copenhagen Portside
Meeting room E
Mødelokale F på Comwell Copenhagen Portside
Meeting room F
Mødelokale G på Comwell Copenhagen Portside
Meeting room G
Mødelokale H på Comwell Copenhagen Portside
Meeting room H
Mødelokale M1-M9 på Comwell Copenhagen Portside
Meeting room M1-M9

Capacity and Facility Overview

Download Facility Overview here

Download PDF
Room nameSize M2LengthWidthHeightNo. of people (Theatre)

Meetingroom A

274 M2

L: 18,8 * W: 15,3 * H: 4,3


Meetingroom B

148 M2

L: 10,3 * W: 14,8 * H: 4,3


Meetingroom AB

422 M2

L: 29 * W: 15 * H: 4,3


Meetingroom C

54 M2

L: 6 * W: 10,2 * H: 3,5


Meetingroom D

60 M2

L: 9,3 * W: 6,1 * H: 3,5


Meetingroom E

67 M2

L: 10,1 * W: 6,9 * H: 3,4


Meetingroom F

67 M2

L: 10,1 * W: 6,9 * H: 3,4


Meetingroom G

91 M2

L: 12 * W: 7 * H: 3,4


Meetingroom H

207 M2

L: 14,2 * W: 13,7 * H: 3,2

Meeting Planning
Our MeetingDesigners are ready to help you.
Jette Schjøtt MeetingDesignerChef på Comwell Copenhagen Portside
Catering with Care
With us, you get fresh and delicious food made in a sustainable way.
Restaurant Portside i Nordhavn
Team Building
Possibility for alternative ways to host meetings near the water.
Comwell Portside Kajak
Technology and AV
Meeting Equipment and Technology
Meetings most often require technical equipment. We always have an AV technician available so that your meeting runs smoothly without technical problems.
AV-teknikker Comwell Hotels

Why choose Comwell Copenhagen Portside for your next meeting?

At Comwell, we have extensive experience in hosting meetings and conferences. And every single day we develop this knowledge to make your experiences the best. When you host a meeting in Copenhagen, you can be sure of a competent sparring partner who knows what works and is always ready to challenge the status quo.

At Comwell Copenhagen Portside you get a unique location and bright rooms - but also a very special atmosphere created by our service-minded staff and local and international guests. It is exactly this atmosphere that makes Copenhagen Portside a unique place to hold a meeting in Copenhagen. As soon as you step into our hotel lobby, you'll be greeted by smiling receptionists, an impressive bar area, Danish design classics, and a large Co-Work area where everyone is welcome to work while staying at the hotel, hosting a meeting in Copenhagen or using the space as an open co-working space.

Successful meetings with MeetingDesign

But what does it take to make your meeting in Copenhagen a success? Of course, we'll ask you - but you can also ask us! At Comwell Copenhagen Portside, we have several employees who specialize in meetings and conferences. They know exactly how we can help you achieve your goals. Because even though the date is set and the meeting room is in place, many details go into a successful event. And that's exactly where our MeetingDesigner steps in and sparks with you - before, during, and after the meeting. For example, if you have ideas for your meeting in Copenhagen, such as a kayak tour to end the day or a special backdrop, we'll do everything we can to make your wishes come true.

Meeting packages at Comwell Copenhagen Portside

Are you looking for a special meeting package in Copenhagen or would you like us to guide you? We offer several different meeting packages and can of course also tailor a quote to your needs.

One of the popular meeting packages in Copenhagen is our full-day, fully-catered meeting. Here you get breakfast on arrival, lunch, and a delicious three-course dinner. Coffee and cold drinks are available throughout the day, and fruit and cake are available whenever it suits your schedule.

If you have a long drive home or want to take the opportunity to spend an evening together, we include an overnight stay in the meeting package. Of course, this also includes our large breakfast buffet, so you'll be well-rested and full of energy when you leave us.

For shorter meetings, we also have other meeting packages in Copenhagen. Here you will typically be served a single meal and, like other meeting packages, have free access to our bottle-free drinks buffet, coffee, and tea. All our meeting packages in Copenhagen are room add-ons, so you can combine catering with the meeting room of your choice.

Questions and Answers

Get help with the most common questions and answers about your next meeting at Comwell.

Read all questions and answers

At Comwell, we always have an AV technician available, so your meeting, course, or seminar runs without technical problems or deficiencies. We test the equipment before all events, so everything is ready when you arrive. If you need to hold video meetings, video conferences, or the like, we ensure that video conferencing equipment is ready. We help regardless of whether it is an internal meeting or a large congress you need to hold. We can help with sound systems, projectors, large screens, microphones, or something completely different.

Yes, at Comwell, we take care of people and the environment. With us, you get fresh and tasty food made sustainably. For Comwell, sustainability and health are central. This is reflected in the food and drinks we serve to you and your meeting participants. We provide local specialties and organic ingredients that are healthy and provide energy for your meeting.

You can decide how much catering you want and when you want it. We believe that with a full stomach and a clear mind, you are one step closer to a successful meeting.

MeetingDesign is our free advisory service, where we customize and tailor a meeting or conference package to your specific needs. We have a team of experienced MeetingDesigners who follow you from the first phone call until all participants have gone home. Our MeetingDesigners are available to help plan, find the fitting meeting room, provide suggestions and inspiration for activities, and overall booking and coordination. Contact a conference coordinator today for free and professional meeting planning and advice.

Comwell has simple, advantageous, and flexible cancellation terms. Cancellation must always be made in writing to the hotel. Cancellation refers to total cancellation, reduction, shortening, relocation, as well as similar significant changes about the confirmation. We would like to inform you that for larger meetings and conferences with a total turnover of more than DKK 200,000, special cancellation terms apply. These are agreed upon on a case-by-case basis and will appear in the confirmation. It will always be the terms of the individual confirmation that apply. Read more about the deadlines for cancellation and the general cancellation terms here.

Conference in Copenhagen?

If you're gathering for a conference, we're ready to welcome you at Copenhagen Portside. We have the space, expertise and lovely rooms for all guests.

Read more about the conference
Comwell Middelfart kollegaer
Meeting & ConferenceIs your next meeting at Comwell Copenhagen Portside?

Your Preferred Conference Hotel Across the Country

At Comwell, we have 15 hotels and 3 venues in Jutland, Funen, and Zealand. All locations have state-of-the-art conference and meeting facilities that are used for lectures, courses, teaching, evening meetings, kick-offs, or congress centers.

No matter where you are in the country, you can expect well-executed meeting solutions and conference stays.

Comwell Copenhagen Portside is particularly suitable for conference stays, full-day meetings, and day meetings, as we also offer accommodation and delicious organic catering throughout the day.

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