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Information when you hold a meeting at Comwell Hotels

Comwell has hotels all over the country, each with its unique features. We offer bright meeting and conference facilities in both Zealand, Funen, and Jutland. Our conference hotels have modern rooms and good locations close to the airport, near the beach, and in beautiful nature.

What conference and meeting facilities we offer naturally depend on which hotel you choose to hold your meeting, course, or conference at. Generally, we offer bright and inviting meeting rooms that vary in size. We try to accommodate your wishes, depending on the type of event you want to hold. In addition to meeting and conference rooms, most of our hotels also have areas where you can divide into smaller groups and work - we call them CoWork areas. Together we find the right solutions for your event regardless of the number and size of, for example, classrooms, conference rooms, or teaching rooms. Finally, some of our hotels offer auditoriums and large halls that are ideal for larger conferences, lectures, or courses.

Yes, you can easily combine a meeting or conference with an overnight stay at one of our hotels. We offer advantageous prices on meeting catering and hotel stays in connection with your event. Accommodation in a nice hotel room is ideal for conference days or meetings that span over several days. We naturally offer a healthy and nourishing breakfast in connection with a conference stay.

At some of our hotels, it is also possible to rent the entire hotel and thus transform it into a course hotel or conference hotel.

All of our hotels around Denmark offer activities, team building, or exercises in connection with meetings or conferences. Breaking the boundaries of your meetings through team building and participant involvement increases learning. We are happy to help you find exercises and activities that you can offer your participants as part of your meeting program or as an evening activity when the day's professional program is over. Most of our hotels are located in scenic surroundings, which often calls for outdoor activities.

At Comwell, we always have an AV technician available, so your conference, course, or seminar runs without technical problems or deficiencies. We test the equipment before all events, so everything is ready when you arrive. If you need to hold video meetings, video conferences, or the like, we ensure that video conferencing equipment is ready. We help regardless of whether it is an internal meeting or a large congress you need to hold. We can help with sound systems, projectors, large screens, microphones or something completely different.

At Comwell's hotels, there is free wireless internet that you can use during meetings or conferences. Inquire with the specific hotel regarding the network name and Wi-Fi access code.

Yes, at Comwell, we take care of people and the environment. With us, you get fresh and tasty food made sustainably. For Comwell, sustainability and health are central. This is reflected in the food and drinks we serve to you and your meeting participants. We provide local specialties and organic ingredients that are healthy and provide energy for your meeting or conference.

You can decide how much catering you want and when you want it. We believe that with a full stomach and a clear mind, you are one step closer to a successful meeting.

MeetingDesign is our free advisory service, where we customize and tailor a meeting or conference package to your specific needs. We have a team of experienced MeetingDesigners who follow you from the first phone call until all participants have gone home. Our MeetingDesigners are available to help plan, find the right meeting room, provide suggestions and inspiration for activities, as well as overall booking and coordination. Contact a conference coordinator today for free and professional meeting planning and advice.

At Comwell, there are good parking options either at the hotel's own parking lot or with a nearby parking provider. At many of our hotels, you can park for free. Additionally, you can charge your electric car at a Clever charging station for a fee. You can find all parking information on the hotels' general information pages.

Comwell has simple, advantageous, and flexible cancellation terms. Cancellation must always be made in writing to the hotel. Cancellation refers to total cancellation, reduction, shortening, relocation, as well as similar significant changes about the confirmation. We would like to inform you that for larger meetings and conferences with a total turnover of more than DKK 200,000, special cancellation terms apply. These are agreed upon on a case-by-case basis and will appear in the confirmation. It will always be the terms of the individual confirmation that apply. Read more about the deadlines for cancellation and the general cancellation terms here.

As part of Comwell's meeting services, you can also hold virtual meetings with us. We advise and assist with the technical setup, whether you need to hold a desktop video meeting with a few participants or a video conference with many participants. Online meetings can be arranged to suit your needs, regardless of the purpose of the meeting, whether the participants are located in many or a few geographical locations, and your need for interaction with the participants. Contact your preferred Comwell hotel to learn more about virtual meetings.

At Comwell, we continue to do everything we can to make you feel safe when staying at our hotels. This means that we have extended our already comprehensive cleaning procedures, with a particular focus on cleaning contact surfaces in, for example, rooms, meeting rooms, and restaurants. In addition, the authorities' guidelines are visible, and dispensers with hand sanitizer are available in public areas. Specifically for meeting and conference rooms, we ensure the necessary distance between participants according to the authorities' requirements. We provide continuous ventilation in meeting rooms and replace office supplies such as pens and notepads in the meeting room. All IT equipment and technology are disinfected before use.

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