Din garanti for succesfulde møder - Comwell MeetingDesign

About our MeetingDesignere

In all our hotels we have a team of skilled MeetingDesigners who are ready to help you design your meeting.

In Comwell, we have had Meeting Designers since 2004, and they are the core value of our award winning meeting concept. They keep up to date with the latest trends in the meeting industry, ensuring that they can provide you the best advice. During the meeting, they ensure that everything is progressing as planned, so you are can focus on the purpose and content of the meeting.

We would like to take part in:

  • Planning your meeting and focusing on the purpose
  • Ideas for follow-up that ensure that you extend the proceeds of the meeting
  • That the meal does more than just satisfy the hungry
  • How breaks become an active part of your meeting
  • Ideas to engage the meeting participants in the meeting program
  • Suggestions for working methods and activities to suit your meeting