Comwell's Co-Work creates life and buzz


A win-win for both us and our guests

At Comwell, Co-Work gives business people on the go a place to land with their laptops for meetings or workaways. It's a great success that also creates life and atmosphere at the hotel.

Here you are not at work, but you can work as much as you want. This is how Flemming Poulsen, Hotel Director at Comwell Aarhus, describes the popular Co-Work areas, which are free to use at all Comwell's Danish hotels. Here you can hold meetings in informal surroundings or settle down to work for shorter or longer periods of time:

"We give guests an undisturbed place to work, where they can sit in pleasant surroundings without paying. There are plenty of power outlets, high-speed internet and we offer coffee, tea and ice water. Co-Work is open every weekday from 7.30-18.00, and if you've forgotten your lunch at home, you can order something delicious from our hotel bar," says Flemming Poulsen.

It was at the hotel in Aarhus that Comwell's Co-Work concept was born. The hotel's common areas were relatively quiet during the daytime, so they wanted to create a lively environment for everyone to enjoy:

"We have good meeting facilities at Comwell, so it was natural to take the experience from this and move the meeting rooms out into the public areas. We were the first in the industry to realize the concept, which was a great success. Guests bring life to our common areas when they work here, creating a cozy environment - exactly what we had in mind. Co-Work is a win-win for both us and our guests."

A modern workplace

The flexible workplace has come of age, and today it's not always necessary to check in at the office at a fixed time:

"Workdays have become freer, but you still need a quiet environment. At home, practical tasks can get in the way, which is why Co-Work is a great option. We cater to the professional guest who needs an office environment for meetings and networking," explains the CEO and continues:

"Many people come here daily, and we are very happy about that. We see how acquaintances develop when guests network with each other, and many of the regulars we also develop a relationship with."

The good hotel experience

You can immediately feel the good atmosphere of Co-Work when you enter a Comwell hotel. And in the late afternoon hours and throughout the evening, many guests gravitate towards the bar area. Here, Comwell guests can enjoy a drink with colleagues both before and after dinner.

"Many people point out that it's great to have the lively activity that the facilities bring. We want to give guests the best experience, and our experience shows that they get it if they also get a good social experience. They don't get this in the same way in the room, but in interaction with other guests either in Co-Work or the bar right next door, where you can continue the socializing from the working day. When you see and feel the good vibe here, you automatically gravitate towards the common areas. It has a self-reinforcing effect that the quiet buzz creates an atmospheric environment and thus a good hotel experience," concludes Flemming Poulsen.

Comwell Bygholm Park

Step inside Comwell Bygholm Park

Nu kan du holde møder og konferencer i færdigrenoverede Comwell Bygholm Park i Horsens. Den gamle herregård, som Comwell overtog i starten af 2023, er blevet istandsat fra kælder til kvist, og modtager nu talrige lokale og tilrejsende gæster.

Run the conference as a festival

Looking for an alternative to the traditional conferences and meetings you organize throughout the year? Then you could consider doing something completely different than usual. For example, organize a festival where both customers and colleagues get a lot of shared experiences through music, food and professional events. This is easily possible at Comwell.

Welcome to a transformed Comwell Middelfart: Renewed, fantastic setting for meetings and conferences

Comwell Middelfart, which has been part of Comwell for over a quarter of a century, has undergone an extensive renovation for the benefit and enjoyment of the hotel's guests, especially business people from all over the country. With the renovation, the hotel has taken a step further and opens its doors for even larger and more ambitious meetings and conferences, which have been requested by Comwell Middelfart's guests.