Comwell Kolding receives award for social responsibility

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Comwell Kolding receives award for social responsibility

At Comwell Hotels, employees go to work every day to make a difference - a difference for guests and for each other. One of the most important focus areas for the work culture in the hotel chain is to create an environment where there is room for everyone without discrimination. Comwell Kolding has just been recognized for its attentive and welcoming work environment by Kolding Municipality with the award SammenomJOB.

"We believe that diversity in the organization helps to create a working environment with a high degree of knowledge sharing, innovation and job satisfaction, which also helps to develop our business. Therefore, we want to make our workplace attractive to everyone who can and will," says Mai-Britt Jensen, HR and Sustainability Director.

It is therefore with extra pride that Comwell Kolding has received the SammenomJOB 2023 award from Kolding Municipality. SammenomJOB is an award given to companies that focus on sustainable jobs and diversity in the labor market - for example, by including people who need extra support.

"It's a fantastic recognition to receive the award. There must be room for everyone in the labor market. It's basically about matching expectations, wishes and skills. On that basis, we can set up the best framework for everyone, so that both Comwell and our employees get the maximum benefit from each other," says Anne-Beth Madsby, Hotel Manager at Comwell Kolding, who emphasizes that Comwell Kolding would not have received the SammenomJOB award without the great dedication of all the hotel's employees.

"I am enriched with a fantastically supportive and inclusive staff that always welcomes all types of new employees," concludes Anne-Beth Madsby.

Comwell Hotels has ambitious goals in the area of employee well-being and personal and professional development across age, gender, skills and nationality. This also includes accommodating employees in part-time positions as well as employees who are employed on various terms in a flex job scheme.

Comwell Hotels also entered into a partnership with the Sunflower Program in 2023 to create safety for guests and employees with invisible disabilities. This also means that all employees at Comwell are trained to meet a guest wearing the Sunflower.

About Comwell Hotels

Comwell is a Danish-owned and nationwide hotel chain with hotels throughout Denmark and one in Sweden as well as ODEON in Odense and Centralværkstedet and Smedien in Aarhus. For more than 50 years, Comwell has operated meeting and conference hotels and has won several awards for their meeting, service and food concept over the years.

Comwell was the first to introduce Danes to the modern meeting package back in 1969. Today, it is still Comwell's core business, and the professional advice, insight, learning tools and sparring are handled by the hotel chain's trained MeetingDesigners. Comwell also services education and training courses, workshops, job interviews, board meetings, exhibitions and events and has almost 3,000 rooms and 350 meeting and conference rooms.

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