Comwell Bygholm Park

Walk & Talk with the Mayor of Horsens and the CEO of Comwell.

Comwell Bygholm Park

Jesper Rais

Walk & Talk with the Mayor of Horsens and the CEO of Comwell.

In mid-January, Comwell Hotels opened its doors for overnight stays, meetings, conferences, and events at Comwell Bygholm Park in Horsens - the hotel chain's latest addition to their portfolio. It's a beautiful, old manor that immediately takes your mind back to its former grandeur, where nobility used to frequent the place.

Horsens Mayor Peter Sørensen was invited to the event where the keys were handed over from the building owner Calum to Comwell. On the same occasion, Peter Sørensen was also invited for a walk and talk with Comwell Hotels CEO Peter Schelde in the surrounding green park, in the beautiful January sunlight. The mayor emphasized that he was pleased that yet another major hotel chain has come to Horsens.

"First and foremost, it warms my Horsensian heart that the old manor in Bygholm Park gets a big lift in both appearance and functionality. It is a place with good and important memories for many citizens of the city. And it benefits our business community, so I am naturally pleased to have Comwell in the city," says Peter Sørensen.

The city's best hotel

At the moment, we are in the process of a comprehensive renovation of Comwell Bygholm Park, and after the summer of 2023, Comwell's guests can experience the grandeur of the manor in the context of modern hotel facilities.

"We hope that all our guests at Comwell Bygholm Park will use the park actively when staying with us - for example, for a refreshing walk and talk like the one the mayor and I had. We had a good chat about what it means for Comwell to enter a fantastic city in rapid development like Horsens," says Peter Schelde, who elaborates:

"It is our clear intention to become the city's best hotel that makes a real difference for both the business community and the local population. We will offer the city the best facilities - as a local meeting place for a dinner or in our co-work area where locals and business people can sit and work for free, for life's big celebrations, and, not least, as the preferred meeting and conference venue in the area."

Comwell Bygholm Park is open throughout the renovation period, which will take place in stages and with great consideration for the hotel's guests.


Comwell's Co-Work creates life and buzz

At Comwell, Co-Work gives business people on the go a place to land with their laptops for meetings or workaways. It's a great success that also creates life and a nice atmosphere at our hotels.
Comwell Bygholm Park

Step inside Comwell Bygholm Park

Nu kan du holde møder og konferencer i færdigrenoverede Comwell Bygholm Park i Horsens. Den gamle herregård, som Comwell overtog i starten af 2023, er blevet istandsat fra kælder til kvist, og modtager nu talrige lokale og tilrejsende gæster.

Run the conference as a festival

Looking for an alternative to the traditional conferences and meetings you organize throughout the year? Then you could consider doing something completely different than usual. For example, organize a festival where both customers and colleagues get a lot of shared experiences through music, food and professional events. This is easily possible at Comwell.