Confirmation Party at Comwell

A Party That Will be Remembered

The time leading up to a confirmation or non-firmation is lovely but often requires a lot of planning for the parents. Your son or daughter may have many wishes and expectations for what the party should look like when it's time to "step into the ranks of adults"? At Comwell, we are ready to help you get all the details in order - from the invitations to the perfect banquet halls and ideal party food.

Host your confirmation party in beautiful surroundings, whether it's near the forest, beach or city. Do you want space for the youngest guests to play games, play soccer or do other fun activities? Then it's a good idea to hold the party close to nature. Are your guests coming from far away? Then it may be an advantage to host the confirmation centrally with plenty of parking spaces and easy access to public transportation. The possibilities are many, and we are sure that together we can find a suitable solution for the whole family's wishes for the festive day.

Contact the hotel and plan the best party!

Confirmation by the Sea

A beautiful view that can be enjoyed throughout the party makes the experience even better for the confirmand as well as the guests who can relax and enjoy themselves. We have several hotels with a completely unique view of the sea or fjord. Hotels with this option:


Comwell Middelfart restaurant




Comwell Klarskovgaard restaurant



Confirmation in a Class of Its Own

Delicious confirmation food is central to this party, whether it means a menu or a party buffet. At Comwell, we guarantee that your guests will have a gastronomic experience beyond the ordinary. We only use the best ingredients, focus on ecology, and never compromise on either taste or quality.

Our chefs are all experienced with great professional pride, which means that only the best food is served to you and your guests. Several of our chefs are also Danish champions and are mentioned in the influential Danish dining guide, "Den Danske Spiseguide".

We are very happy to help put together the confirmation menu as well as the accompanying wine menu and are ready with inspiration and ideas for appetizers, main courses, desserts, and cake - as well as possible late-night snacks. There will also, of course, be beer, water, and soda. If you do not wish to have table service, it is also possible to order a delicious buffet instead.

Of course, we also take into account vegetarians and/or vegans at the party, as well as any food allergies.

We hope that you and your guests are ready for a fantastic confirmation dinner.

Confirmation Surrounded by Nature

A confirmation party surrounded by nature creates a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere and gives the youngest guests plenty of opportunities to express themselves. At Comwell, we have several hotels located in beautiful green areas. Hotels with this possibility:

Comwell Holte fest og selskaber


Comwell Klarskovgaard restaurant


Comwell Rebild Bakker event

Rebild Bakker


Bygholm Park


A Festive Tradition

At Comwell, you can have precisely the confirmation party you dream of. Some people want an unconventional party, while others choose to hold the confirmation according to classic traditions. The latter often involves a welcome drink with champagne, flags on the tables, confirmation songs, and speeches to the confirmand from parents, siblings, family, and friends.

It is also a tradition for the confirmand to hold his or her own confirmation speech or thank-you speech. Our facilities, which include sound systems, help make this an effortless part of the celebration.

Our professional servers will, of course, ensure that glasses are filled when it's time to toast!

Confirmation in the City

Host your confirmation party in the city with easy and practical access for your guests and a fantastic view. We have exclusive hotels in several cities - all with spectacular views and plenty of parking spaces. Hotels with this option:

Fester og events på Comwell Copenhagen Portside

Copenhagen Portside






Hvide Hus Aalborg




Confirmation Photos - A Memory for Life

Photographs help to immortalize a special day like the confirmation. Therefore, many choose to hire a photographer or take pictures themselves. Our hotels are located in the middle of beautiful nature, near the water or with fantastic views of the city. So, there are always plenty of opportunities for unique atmospheric photos from the beautiful day.

In addition, your photos can be used when sending thank you cards to the guests or as decoration in a guestbook from the party.

Possibility for Accommodation

Comwell Borupgaard standard room

We know that your guests sometimes come from far away and therefore need accommodation after the party. Comwell has many beautiful and comfortable rooms at each hotel, so neither you nor your guests have to worry about how to get home. That way, there is no need to arrange transportation or order taxis when the mood is high and the night is young.

The morning after the party, we offer a large, delicious breakfast buffet, where you can talk through the party and have a cosy and relaxing ending after the festive event.

Possibilities Throughout Denmark

Comwell has 20 hotels and venues located throughout the country. Each has its own unique character, so the possibilities are many, and only the imagination sets the limits. The common denominator is flexible party rooms and helpful staff. So no matter the size of the party and desired surroundings, we help you find the perfect solution.

We have hotels in fascinating historic settings, hotels in beautiful natural areas surrounded by forests, lakes and beaches with the fjord as a neighbour, and hotels with a fantastic view over some of the largest cities in Denmark. Our hotels are located throughout the country, from Copenhagen and Zealand to Odense and Funen, to Vejle, Kolding, Aarhus and Aalborg in Jutland. No matter where in the country you want to hold your confirmation party, we are ready to welcome you!