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A professional setting for your conference on Funen

1740 people. That's how many you can gather at ODEON in Odense. But you can also make it more intimate. And maritime. At Kongebrogaarden, right on the waterfront near Middelfart. Here, 100 people can gather and enjoy the view of the marina and the forest.

At Comwell, we cover a wide range. Also when it comes to organising a conference on Funen. And no matter which conference centre you choose with us, we are ready to help you with everything from planning, technology, food and accommodation.

Here you will find our conference rooms on Funen

  • Comwell H.C. Andersen, Odense

  • Odeon, Odense

  • Comwell Middelfart

  • Comwell Kongebrogaarden, Middelfart

Central training centre with lots of space

Many conferences bring together a large number of people, some from several countries and others from many regions. And if you want to make it easy for participants to attend, location is an important factor.

If your target group is spread across the country, Funen is the obvious choice for a conference centre with a good location. Everyone can get to and from the centre in a couple of hours at most. And perhaps there is also something symbolic about gathering in the centre.

If you're looking for a training centre on Funen, we give you several options to choose the right one. With three hotels and a venue, we have many conference rooms available, so together we can find the one that suits you best.

Another deciding factor is how many participants you will have. For a large conference, ODEON in Odense is ideal. Here, up to 1740 people can gather in a single conference room. ODEON is among the city's largest conference providers and is geared for many people, so you can all expect a delicious lunch, good toilet facilities and, not least, a location in the centre of Odense city, close to the city's railway station. If you need to stay overnight, our hotel is right next door and has 157 rooms in different categories, so you can accommodate people individually or together.

Comwell H.C. Andersen Odense

Conference room with light and views

Another option for at large conference room is in Middelfart, Denmark, where you can gather 385 people in one room. Here you can also look forward to a professional set-up in a cosy atmosphere. Comwell Middelfart has recently undergone a thorough renovation, which included adding 600 square metres to the hotel's meeting and conference facilities. And in the largest conference room, you get light from both sides and a beautiful view of both the new and the old Little Belt Bridge.

Kongebrogaarden also has a conference room, albeit with a smaller capacity. Here, 100 people can be gathered and enjoy the fantastic location by water and forest and a kitchen that caters especially well for guests with an interest in wine and gourmet food.

Please send us some information about your plans for the next conference. We'll get back to you with some options for you to consider.

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Conference catering at its best

Food is an important theme when it comes to a successful conference. This is both our own opinion and experience, having hosted numerous and diverse conferences over the years. Regardless of the topic, industry and venue, food is essential for the energy of the day, and for many conference guests it is also a small bright spot where other senses are stimulated and where people talk professionally or about anything else.

All Comwell conference centres have their own kitchens, where they are dedicated to preparing good food for all guests. There is a strong focus on good taste and quality, and 30-60% of our food and beverage purchases are organic. At Comwell, we have also taken many initiatives in relation to sustainability and our desire to become more green. This means, among other things, that we have cut down on the consumption of meat, especially beef, and instead prepare new dishes based on vegetables and preferably the seasonal selection.

Comwell Copenhagen Portside mad restaurant

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Packages that can be customised to your needs

A typical conference package includes a breakfast buffet, morning snacks (e.g. homemade crispbread, a freshly made dip, fruit and dried berries), lunch buffet and an inviting cake buffet with sweet, healthy and sinful treats for afternoon cravings. In addition, you can choose a delicious dinner, and if you want to stay overnight, there's of course another delicious breakfast ready for you the next day.

First and foremost, we focus on your wishes when putting together the perfect package for your conference. And if you have any special dietary requirements, we will of course take that into account and serve a range of great alternatives.

Conference hotel on Funen - also with accommodation

If your programme is too long for a single day or you want to take advantage of the fact that you're finally together, you can stay overnight at all three of our conference hotels on Funen. This makes it both easy and convenient to be a conference guest, because you can relax in our cosy surroundings from the moment you arrive - without having to worry about transportation at the same day.

An overnight conference is also a great opportunity to socialise with your group. You can opt for a mandatory dinner or leave it up to the participants to decide what they want. But the framework is set for being together, and all our conference hotels on Funen offer a cosy bar area where participants can relax and enjoy a drink or coffee when the formal programme is over.

At Comwell H.C. Andersen we have 157 rooms, in Middelfart there are 140 and at Kongebrogaarden there are 62. And no matter which Comwell conference hotel on Funen you choose, you can expect a good standard of room and a breakfast worth staying a little longer for.

What is a sustainable conference?

Travelling and eating is something that impacts our climate. But fortunately, the degree of impact is something we can determine ourselves. And while more and more people are demanding a sustainable conference, we at Comwell are working ambitiously with our impact on the world around us.

In 2023, we were the first hotel in the industry to publish an independent ESG report, which we update year by year. In it, we detail the goals we have set and how we plan to achieve them.

By 2030, our goal is to be CO2 neutral in our own operations. And by 2040 in the entire value chain. It's ultra ambitious, we know that. But we also believe it's worth the effort, which is why we have already implemented many initiatives that make us attractive if you want to organise a sustainable conference.

Comwell Aarhus

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At all our conference centres, for example, we offer charging points for electric cars. We have replaced all light sources with LEDs. And we avoid thousands of bottles and cans when we offer our conference guests a bar with taps where they can fill their glasses with water or juice. This is what we call our bottle-free concept. We have already significantly reduced our food waste and do it every day, together with you. Because the journey towards becoming more sustainable is not a solo journey. It's a joint effort that we'd love to be a part of.

If you have any questions about our sustainability work, our catering and conference room facilities on Funen, you are always welcome to contact us.

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