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Comwell Hotels is your preferred partner when organising a conference on Zealand. We offer a wide range of conference hotels in scenic surroundings, near charming Zealand towns and in vibrant Copenhagen. So whether you want a conference by the beach, in the heart of the capital or surrounded by peaceful nature, we have the perfect place for you.

Here you will find our conference rooms on Zealand

  • Comwell Klarskovgaard

  • Comwell Køge Strand

  • Comwell Copenhagen Portside Dolce by Wyndham

  • Comwell Roskilde

  • Comwell Holte

  • Comwell Borupgaard (Snekkersten)

In 2026, we will also open a brand new and completely renovated conference hotel in Lyngby.

Forskellighed og fokus på tilfredse gæster

At all our conference hotels, you'll find that each venue has its own unique charm that helps set the mood. At Comwell Roskilde, you can enjoy the tranquillity as you gaze out over the fjord or take breaks and break-outs in the cosy atrium courtyards. At Comwell Borupgaard you are welcomed in stately surroundings, which now also houses a spa and modern conference rooms close to the water. And at Comwell Holte you have the opportunity to be secluded if you choose to hold your conference in the mansion - a beautiful, separate building overlooking the park.

These are just a few examples. All our hotels also have a lot in common. And if you're organising a conference on Zealand, you'll probably also be interested in the possibility of staying overnight and offering your guests catering that is inviting and tasty. You can count on all this when you choose Comwell for your next conference stay.

Why choose a conference room at Comwell?

Comwell Borupgaard

Jesper Rais

With the different locations we offer on Zealand, you can consider what makes the most sense in terms of transport options for your participants. If you're gathering from all over the country, Comwell Klarskovgaard is a good compromise, and if you're travelling from abroad, Comwell Copenhagen Portside is only half an hour from the airport and Comwell Køge Strand is about 40 minutes by car.

Conference rooms for your needs

The number of participants is also important when choosing the best conference room. At all our hotels, we have a variety of rooms to match the needs of both small and large groups. Among the hotels on Zealand, the largest conference room is at Copenhagen Portside in Copenhagen, which can accommodate 422 guests in a cinema setting. In fact, we can accommodate up to 600 people in our underground car park, which is built with great acoustics and the ability to transform the raw space into a completely different location as desired. In Roskilde, there is a large auditorium with room for 330 guests, seated in rows with tables in front of them and a good view of the stage.

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Comwell Borupgaard

Jesper Rais

Professional meeting planning

With many people together, there are many things to consider. What's the best way to sit? What do you do to get people talking during breaks? And what if the technology fails?

You can feel safe with us because we were the first training centre in the country to introduce the concept we call "MeetingDesign". MeetingDesign aims to help you safely through the entire process. At all our hotels, we have professional meeting designers who will be your contact person when planning, organising and evaluating. This means you'll get help to make the best choices when it comes to programme planning, catering, accommodation and much more.

It's the many small details that help ensure you get the most out of your conference and the best experience to take home with you.

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Catering at its best

When the setting is set for a conference in Zealand, it needs to be filled with something good! And with our experience as a nationwide conference centre and host to both international and local guests, it's easy to point to one thing of great importance: the food.

Food is what energises a long day. And what we gather around. Food is a pleasure and a break from the professional content. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to so many people. And it certainly is for us too! At Comwell, we are very passionate about food. Yes, some might call us a bunch of foodies or food enthusiasts. Because at every hotel, we put quality first and take pride in serving an inviting meal to all our guests, morning, noon and night.

Jesper Rais

Organic and green food

All our conference hotels have their own kitchens, where the chef and team set the agenda. But they do so based on the common principles that 30-60% of our purchased food and beverages are organic, a focus on local suppliers and, not least, a steadily increasing interest in cooking with more vegetables. At the same time, they also have the opportunity to serve the dishes that are their speciality and that arise from the ingredients that they can get in the kitchen that day.

This makes the food worth gathering around. We are very proud of this at Comwell and we hope you will share the joy of food with us.

Conference hotel in Zealand

Many conferences have attendees from all over the country and from other countries. In these cases, it's a clear advantage to be able to offer overnight accommodation. In fact, there can be many benefits associated with extending a conference.

If you take the opportunity to organise an overnight conference in Zealand, you will naturally be able to extend the professional programme by half a day or more. Having all participants stay overnight at the hotel can also help to strengthen the focus from the start, because you're more likely to get something out of the day - without having a fixed agenda.

Time to enjoy the surroundings and relax

And then there's the socialising. With an overnight stay, there's time to chat after dinner, go for a walk in the beautiful surroundings of Køge Strand and Klarskovgaard, for example. And if you choose Borupgaard, you can enjoy a few relaxing hours in the lovely spa area, morning or evening.

No matter which conference hotel on Zealand, we have many rooms in different categories, and we're happy to help make sure you're all well accommodated.

A more sustainable conference?

More and more people are demanding sustainable initiatives, and we are very happy about that. At Comwell, we do a lot to live up to the requirements and set new standards for tomorrow's conferences. Because even though organising a conference is not sustainable, there are many things we can do to contribute to a more positive carbon footprint.

Reducing food waste has long been a focus area at Comwell. And we have already come a long way. That's why, among other things, you'll notice that the lunch buffet consists of several portioned dishes. This is food served in bowls, which is more hygienic and reduces food waste because the portions are better balanced.

You will also be introduced to a bottle-free concept where you tap water, juice and various beverages from taps, which in one year has saved the equivalent of 200 tonnes of glass, resulting in less packaging production, less weight during transport and less beverage waste.

Comwell Copenhagen Portside

VRX Studios

These are just a few examples of how we work with sustainability, also when it comes to conference accommodation. Our energy consumption is another focus area, and over the past six years, our hotels have collectively reduced electricity, water and heating consumption by more than 20%. And we have set a target to reduce by a further 2% per year.

If you want to know more about our sustainability work or conference facilities and options, please feel free to contact us.

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