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If you're looking for a conference centre in Jutland, you've come to the right place. At Comwell, we are experts in organising meetings and conferences, and we offer many possible locations throughout the country. Since our own adventure began in Jutland more than fifty years ago, we have worked every day to create the best setting for meetings, conferences and stays, and we are therefore well equipped to help you with everything from planning, accommodation and delicious catering, so you can get the best out of your conference in Jutland.

Here you will find our conference rooms in Jutland

  • Comwell Hvide Hus Aalborg

  • Comwell Rebild Bakker

  • Comwell Aarhus Dolce by Wyndham

  • Centralværkstedet in Aarhus

  • Comwell Bygholm Park, Horses

  • Comwell Kellers Park, near Vejle

  • Comwell Kolding

Countryside or city - what suits you best?

Every conference hotel in Jutland has its own atmosphere. If you want to feel the pulse of the city and modern design, choose Comwell Aarhus. In Comwell Hvide Hus Aalborg, you'll also get to see the city - even from the top, where you can enjoy a conference room with a panoramic view from the 15th floor. And if you're looking for special surroundings, also when it comes to a conference in Jutland, the former DSB workshop buildings in Aarhus are also worth a look - what is today called Centralværkstedet and Smedien.

For peace and quiet and scenic surroundings, we recommend our conference hotels Comwell Rebild Bakker, Comwell Kellers Park near Vejle or Comwell Bygholm Park near Horsens, all of which have direct access to lovely walking routes in the surrounding parks. And then there's Comwell Kolding, which, with its location in the middle of the Triangle area and a huge theatre hall and many small rooms, is an all-time favourite, not least when it comes to gathering many people for a successful conference in Jutland.

Why choose Comwell as your conference venue?


Bringing a lot of people together isn't always easy. It has to be convenient for everyone, which is why location is of great importance to many people when choosing a conference centre. At Comwell, we are therefore pleased to offer several different locations in Jutland, and we are always happy to help you make the best decision in terms of logistics and transport options. Fortunately, you don't have to worry about going home the same day, as we have plenty of rooms at all our hotels ready for your guests, so they can enjoy a good night's sleep after a long and inspiring day.

Capacity for over 1000 guests

The number of participants is important when it comes to finding the optimal training centre for you. Whether you are 50 or 300, it matters which conference room best suits your needs. In some places we can accommodate a maximum of 200-300 guests in one conference room and in other places more. In Comwell Aarhus, the hotel can accommodate 500 guests in one room, and right across the street, Centralværkstedet can accommodate 700 people. The largest conference room in Jutland is in Comwell Kolding, where 1064 people can be gathered in the beautiful theatre hall.

Let us know how many people you're expecting. We'll get back to you with the options for a conference room that best matches your needs.

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Professional meeting planning

Once the venue is in place, it's time to decide how you'll be seated and what about the technology and catering during breaks?

There are many things to consider when planning a conference. With us, you're always in good hands, as we are the first training centre in the country to introduce a concept we call "MeetingDesign". MeetingDesign aims to help you safely through the entire process from planning, to execution and evaluation. This means that at each Comwell training centre you will be assigned a personal MeetingDesigner who is your contact person and trained in running professional conferences. Your MeetingDesigner will also help you with catering, accommodation and other practical matters in connection with your conference. And with one personal contact who knows the small details and understands that technique is important and that two people are gluten intolerant, you have the best conditions for a successful outcome and for all guests to go home with a great experience.

Read more about MeetingDesign

Food that matters

No success without good catering. This applies to any conference in Jutland - and the rest of the country. Food is an important focal point when you spend time and energy together. You need energy for the whole day, and with us, food is something our guests can look forward to as an extra experience.


At all our conference centres in Jutland, we have our own kitchen and a head chef with a team that is dedicated to their work. We are enthusiastic about food and want to give all our guests a great taste experience. This could be a homemade snack bar during the break, fresh fruit, vegetables and crispbread with dip. For lunch, we'll agree on whether you want a plated lunch, a buffet or whether it's better to have portioned dishes ready right in front of your venue. Whatever suits, we'll make sure there's something for everyone - and that everyone stays full. And in the mid-afternoon, when blood sugar levels drop, we'll be ready with an inviting cake buffet offering sweet, savoury and crispy refreshments.

Of course, we're also happy to cater for dinner. And our breakfast buffets are a crowd-pleaser, which you get to enjoy when you stay with us. Every meal at every conference centre in Jutland is made with a love of quality and a focus on seasonal produce. You can also rest assured that 30-60% of our purchased food and beverages are organic. And that we do our utmost to avoid food waste.

How about an overnight stay at a conference hotel in Jutland?

If you have a full programme and want to make sure you get everything in, it's worth considering an overnight conference in Jutland. This will give you more time on the first day and the opportunity to continue the next day after a good night's sleep and a delicious breakfast buffet.

We offer accommodation at all our conference hotels in Jutland. Capacity varies, so it's important that you quickly clarify your needs with your MeetingDesigner. Please also let us know if you are enquiring about a conference in Jutland, so we can give you the best conditions from the start. At Comwell Kellers Park, for example, we have 134 rooms, while Comwell Aarhus has 240 rooms.

An overnight conference also offers other benefits. More guests can focus and relax better when they know they don't have to drive home the same day. And it's a great opportunity to socialise with colleagues and peers when the programme ends. There's time for a walk in the neighbourhood or a drink in our hotel bar.

A more sustainable conference

Reducing food waste has long been a focus area at Comwell. Because, as mentioned, food plays a major role at Comwell, also when it comes to our impact on the outside world and the path towards a more sustainable conference. We are therefore working on many initiatives to combat food waste - and we have already come a long way!

As a conference guest, you will notice that the lunch buffet consists of several portioned dishes. This is food served in bowls, which is more hygienic and reduces food waste because the portions are better balanced. You will also be introduced to a bottle-free concept, where you tap your own water, juice and juice from taps. In one year alone, the initiative has saved the equivalent of 200 tonnes of glass, resulting in less packaging production, less weight during transport and less beverage waste.

Comwell Copenhagen Portside

VRX Studios

These are just a few examples of how we work with sustainability, also when it comes to conference accommodation. Our energy consumption is another focus area, and over the past six years, our hotels have collectively reduced electricity, water and heating consumption by more than 20%. And we have set a target to reduce by a further 2% per year.

If you want to know more about our sustainability work or conference facilities and options, please feel free to contact us.

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