Plan your next party in North Zealand

Unique and picturesque setting

The moment you approach Comwell Borupgaard in Carpenter's stone, you can not help but notice it unique combination of the old manor house and modern buildings. There is an opportunity to bring ours beautiful park in games. Get married in front of the flowering rhododendron or party with barbecue or others outdoors activities with your guests. There are unimaginable possibilities both indoors and outdoors. 

We take pride in meeting and fulfilling your wishes. We are extremely flexible, so finally ask about options and special wishes. 

Great flexibility 

Thanks to the different buildings we can house companies of 25-330 dining guests - without putting the personal service level above handlebars. We always do our best to get any company to sense that they are the only ones "in the House"  


Food in a class of its own 

At Comwell Borupgaard, we maintain good raw materials both can be tasted and sensed. That is why we do as much as possible ourselves. This applies to bread, saucers, ice cream desserts and much more. 

You are always welcome to come by and see our bright rooms with the beautiful view. We recommend dog that you do an appointment before so we have plenty of time to show around. We look forward to welcoming you to party in beautiful surroundings.  

At your service

We are always here for you to consult about your next party and how to make your dreams come true!

Give us a call via telephone 4838 0311 or send us a mail

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