Restaurant Kongebro

Kongebro A LA CARTE Evening menu

3 small snacks of the kitchen’s choice 125 DKK

The last beetroot of the winter stirred with horseradish and almonds, plus a creamy smoked cheese from ”Fyn” 145 DKK

Trout glazed with Asian flavors, pickled radish and cabbage salad 130 DKK


Baked coalfish with cabbage, black olives, herb cream and Pommes Marcere 295 DKK

Roasted pork from Grambogaard, plus a variety of leeks, Pommes Marcere and a creamy sauce made from springs first ramsoe 295 DKK

Danish beef steak from Lagdegaard 250g, mushroom stew and fresh salad, rustic fries and mayo based on ramson 395 DKK


Cheeses from around the world, served with crips, nuts and olives

3 cheeses 135 DKK

5 cheeses 195 DKK 

”Drømmekage” - Coconut sorbet, cream made by the pastry chef and warm sauce based on brown sugar 140 DKK