Press release

Comwell are opening a new big hotel in Copenhagen

When Comwell Hotels opened a hotel in Aarhus and Aalborg in 2014, it was part of a new strategy to move into the big cities. Now Comwell is seriously pursuing their strategy of expanding their number of rooms in the big cities when they hit the doors to a brand new hotel in Copenhagen in 2020.

For the first time in Comwell's history, we open a hotel in Copenhagen. AP Pension is one of the main forces behind hundreds of millions DKK in a expensive new hotel in the North harbor. The hotel was designed by the award-winning architectural firm, Arkitema Architects, who has chosen to inspire the harbor's historic warehouses. The hotel in the North harbor will accommodate 493 rooms and 18 conference and meeting rooms, and will be the first hotel in the North harbor. The hotel is expected to open in 2020.

The hotel is built at Trælastholmen in the area between the marina and Copenhagen International School. The neighborhood has water around it on three sides and overlooks Øresund, and in a few years it becomes a whole new and attractive district - in the heart of Copenhagen.

It is the Danish-owned and independent pension company AP Pension, which, together with the Finnish pension company, Keva, is responsible for the financing of Comwell in the North harbor. This is the first time that AP Pension is part of such a joint venture project with another pension company.

CEO Peter Schelde, are looking forward to opening Comwell's first hotel in the capital:

"It is with proud that we can now look forward to opening in Copenhagen. Our hotel will be the first in the North harbor area, and it will be centrally located surrounded with water from three sides. The North harbor is currently developing into a very attractive district, and with a metro station just to the hotel and only 800 meters to the new cruise terminal, I have great expectations for our hotel in the capital, which will both attract businessmen and tourists. "

The hotel provides 493 rooms of different size to accommodate the varied needs that the hotel is expected to attract. In addition, there are 18 conference and meeting rooms, restaurant and bar. When the hotel is listed, it is expected to create 150 new jobs.

Danish AP Pension and Finland's largest pension company Keva has entered into a joint venture cooperation on the establishment of the hotel in the North harbor in Copenhagen. The total investment in the new hotel is on the other side of half a billion.

Director of AP Pension, Peter Olsson, looks forward to the establishment of the new Comwell hotel:

"In AP Pension, we have a clear strategy of investing in projects in their early development stages, so we can optimize our return as best as possible. At the same time, we want to help make a difference for the local area in which we are based. The establishment of the new Comwell hotel in the North harbor meets both of these criteria. 

A green hotel in a budding new neighborhood

It is the Danish architectural firm, Arkitema Architects, who has drawn Comwell's hotel in Copenhagen. The company has gained inspiration in the 200 year old history of the North Harbor and, not least, the harbor's warehouses with the characteristic and simple window sills and shutters. The facade of the hotel's windowsill is fortified with special copper-colored metal plates to create interaction between the light and mirrors from the canal in front of the hotel.

Inside, the building stretches like an 8 silhouette with two green atriums in the middle, and the green stretches out onto the hotel's facade itself. All hotel's public features are located on the ground floor, where the restaurant and bar have views and access to the canal in front of the hotel. The city of Copenhagen is open to the possibility of establishing a water taxi that can transport hotel guests directly to North harbor.

Director of Wonderful Copenhagen, Mikkel Aarø-Hansen, is looking forward to welcoming Comwell in Copenhagen:

"The capital region has been growing for tourism for a number of years, and last year we rounded 10 million overnight stays in one year. A progress reflected in the interest of investing in new hotels in the capital. With Comwell's coming hotel in the North harbor, Copenhagen not only increases its overall hotel capacity, but also strengthens its offering of sustainable products, which talks in an important core story about the city, regardless of guests who are alone for holiday or participants in meetings and congresses. "

About the district of Trælastholmen

Trælastholmen becomes the most compact neighborhood in the North harbor with buildings of 4 to 6 floors and a single higher building. A continuous white facade ensures a connection with the existing white buildings at Svanemølle harbor, thereby strengthening the architectural character of the area.

The local city hall "Kanalpladsen" is designed with proximity and experiences by the water and has facilities for stay and movement primarily for residents in the neighborhood.

The metro square on Trælastkaj and "The Urban Sports Square" are townships with possibilities for movement, stayovers, trade and meeting places for users and residents in the district.

Audience-oriented features are placed towards the subway and selected corners along the access roads.

A hotel chain in rapid development

Comwell Hotels was founded back in 1969 under the name of Scanticon. Their first hotel opened in Skåde Bakker in Aarhus, where the hotel, as the first in Denmark, introduces Danes to the meeting package concept. A concept that is still used throughout the meeting industry, and as the last three years has been rewarded with "The Meeting & Event of the Year: Best Meeting Concept" by Kursuslex. In 2001, the Group changed its name to Comwell. Today, Comwell Hotels has approx. 2,500 rooms, and is the market leader in hotel management. In 2017, the Comwell Hotel received the Øcris of the Year. Comwell Hotels currently consists of 15 hotels spread across the country plus two hotels in Sweden.


Number of floors 6

Number of rooms 484

Smaller standard rooms 207

Standard Rooms 169

Large standard rooms 50

Exclusive rooms 46

Exclusive corner rooms 18

Suites 3

Furthermore, conference and meeting facilities, restaurant, bar, lounge, cellar


Metro 100 m

Center 4 km

Copenhagen Airport 13 km

Nordhavn St. 1 km

Cruise terminal 800 m

Aarhus street quarter 800 m


Architect: Arkitema Architects

Construction: KPC

Funding: AP Pension and Keva

Size: 25.145 m2

Price: A three-digit million amount

Opens 2020