AV Technology at Comwell Copenhagen Portside

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Raise the bar with technology that just works (and doesn't trouble you...)

Conferences most often require technical equipment. At Comwell Copenhagen Portside, we always have an AV technician available so your conference, course, or seminar runs smoothly without technical problems or shortcomings.

We set up and test the equipment before all events, so everything is ready when you arrive. In addition to LED screens and sound systems, we also have conference phones, click-share, whiteboards/flip charts, and microphones. You also have the option to use our photocopier if needed.

For example, if you need to host video meetings, video conferences, or similar, we provide video conferencing equipment. We assist whether it's an internal meeting or a large gathering you must host.

You are always welcome to contact us by telephone: (+45) 3527 2150 or email: Konference.portside@comwell.com

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