Comwell Copenhagen Portside


Team Building at Comwell Copenhagen Portside

Alternative Meeting Styles

With only a few meters to the harbour, you and your meeting participants have the opportunity to challenge each other in a range of different and fun activities that strengthen collaboration and create new shared experiences of success. We also collaborate with external partners who offer fun activities.

Give the meeting program something wild and wow-worthy. For example:

  • Set sail with a course heading portside.

  • Solve a murder - team building.

  • Get closer together (without shaking in your pants).

  • Make way for Segway.

  • Compete and keep your wits about you.

  • And much more.

We have plenty of ideas and contacts for both wild, wet and WOW moments. We are also very interested in hearing about yours. Just let us know and you'll see some fun!

Comwell Copenhagen Portside

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Empower your Team at Comwell

All of our hotels throughout Denmark offer activities, team building, or exercises in connection with meetings and conferences. This makes it easy to break the routine and increase learning when you involve exercises and team building, and engaging participants in the meeting. The activities also provide an opportunity to strengthen collaboration and communication, so that you can stand stronger together in other contexts and stay focused on your common goals.

At Comwell, we are happy to help you find team-building exercises that you can use as part of your meeting program. Many activities are also suitable as an evening event when the day's professional program is over. Most of our hotels are located in scenic surroundings, which often calls for outdoor activities.

Talk to your MeetingDesigners about the possibilities, and please tell us more about your wishes.