You can order drinks and light meals at our bar from 12.30 to 21.00.
Please note: The bar is closed on Sundays.

Comwell burger with tomato-relish-bacon-smoked cheese dressing, served with fries, ketchup & mayo
205 DDK

Caesar Salad, grilled chicken, Caesar dressing, Sour dough croutons & grated cheese
185 DKK

Chicken Sandwich
Sandwich with grilled chicken, pesto, salad & pickled onions
145 DKK

Sandwich with ham
Sandwich - ham, cheese, pesto, Herb Salad & fresh cheese
125 DKK

Homemade chicken nuggets & fermented garlic mayo
125 DKK

French fries, ketchup and mayo
45 DKK

Grab & Go

Lunch on the go

Grab & Go lunch is your opportunity to grab food on the go. You can order a sandwich with delicious fillings, sweets and fruit for 135 DKK per person. Grab & Go lunch must be ordered at the reception no later than two hours before use. If the lunch is to be delivered before 8.00 am, you must order it the day before.

Grab & Go Breakfast

Grab & Go breakfast is for guests who have breakfast included in their stay and are travelling before the restaurant opens for service. Grab & Go breakfast consists of two rolls with cold cuts and a piece of fruit. It costs 45 DKK per person in addition and must be ordered at the reception no later than 9:00 pm the day before.