Restaurant Brasseriet



Restaurant Brasseriet has its own unique location next to the beautiful Vaserne and Rude Forest. Here, you can expect a dining experience beyond the ordinary, as you can watch the chefs prepare the food from scratch in the large open kitchen of the restaurant.

The chef is available both in the kitchen and in the brasserie, so you get to smell, ask questions, and feel how the ingredients and the meal as a whole are being taken care of. This results in food that both excites and delights the senses. The perfect meal can be accompanied by the ideal wine from our well-assorted wine list.

We can accommodate various allergies and dietary needs, just let us know when you make your reservation.

Restaurant Brasseriet is open Monday to Saturday from 6:00 pm-9:00 pm.

Evening menu

Spring menu in Brasseriet

Valid for May and June

Monday & Thursday

Green tomato consommé
Tomato - peas - cucumber - chive mayo - Ingrid peas - western cheese - watercress

Chicken in fricassee
Spicy bowl - buckwheat - asparagus - white beans – herbs

Cold dish & rhubarb
Rhubarb - forest brand - kammerjunker crumble - buttermilk ice cream

Tuesday & Friday

Air-dried ham from Grambogård
asparagus mayo - asparagus - panko - bitter salad

Green asparagus – peas – cauliflower – sourdough bread – velouté

Carrot cake
Spice crumble - white carrots - creamcheese - chamomile

Wednesday & Saturday

White asparagus
Shrimp - stone bite roe - chive oil - rye bread crumble - sc. muslin

Pig from Grambogård
leeks - carrots - new potatoes - horseradish sauce - watercress

Chocolate & sea buckthorn
Sea buckthorn - white chocolate - meringue – sorbet

Price list

2 courses (starter/main course) DKK 325,-

3 courses DKK 425,-

Extra course DKK 99,-

A la carte

Salad with cold smoked salmon
Cold smoked salmon - salad - sauce Verde - sourdough - pickled onions - roasted green peas

burrata - baked cherry tomatoes - green asparagus - basil - roasted quinoa                        
DKK 145,-

Pasta pappardelle
Mascarpone - asparagus - peas - lemon – seaweed
DKK 195,-

Club sandwich
grilled chicken - bacon - curry mayo - pickled tomato - salad
served with fries & fermented garlic mayo
DKK 195,-

Comwell burger
tomato relish – bacon – old crunch - Cream cheese mayo
served with fries & fermented garlic mayo
DKK 205,-

Beef ribeye from Grambogård
served with french fries, salad of the day & pepper sauce                                   
DKK 395,-

Book a table

We have a limited number of tables available, so we always recommend booking a table before arrival, as our restaurant can be fully booked on the day. 

In case, you booked a stay including dinner, we would very much like to know what time you would like to eat. We cannot guarantee a specific time when ordering a table, upon arrival. 

Book a table by email: