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At Restaurant Dannebro, we give you more than what we serve on your plate. Because your visit must be a bit of an experience. And as excited as we are to explore new flavours and compositions, we are just as tireless in the work of refining, adjusting and fine-tuning the other indispensable components such as surroundings, space, service and wine. We simply pay tribute to the whole.

Dannebro's kitchen is predominantly organic and preferably we get it delivered from local producers. We have the deepest respect for raw material and know how it tastes when it has just been picked or lifted from the soil.

We collect in the generous nature around us. And explore the glorious abundance the different seasons offer us, always with a gastronomic spirit.

We always serve seasonal menus. And all menus are coordinated with wines chosen by our skilled sommelier. The wine menu can be purchased additionally. The place is rich in experiences - and it should continue to be that way.

Welcome to an extraordinary experience at Restaurant Dannebro!

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Opening hours for Restaurant Dannebro are Fridays and Saturdays from 6pm–9pm.

Restaurant Manager Thomas Schiby Welcomes You