Activities and Sightseeing near Comwell Roskilde

Activities at the Hotel

Customized walking and running routes
Is the freedom to incorporate nature into your daily exercise high on your list of priorities? Then join us on a walking/running route and explore the hotel’s natural surroundings. We’ve created three different digital running routes and added them to the RunGo app, which uses turn-by-turn navigation to show you which route to run, the remaining distance, and which roads or paths you should take. Just like a car’s GPS.

The shorter three-kilometer route is also recommended as a walk-and-talk route for a healthy break during a meeting or seminar. RunGo is free and available for iOS and Android smartphones and Apple Watch.

Bike rental
Experience the beautiful nature in and around Comwell Roskilde or go on a bike ride into Roskilde City and grab an ice cream. You can rent bikes daily for DKK 125 per bike or DKK 50 per hour. Simply inquire at the reception desk.

Various games
Do you feel like challenging your family, colleagues, or friends in fun games? Then just inquire at the reception desk. We have darts, table football, billiards, and air hockey.

Various outdoor games
Do you feel like challenging your family, colleagues, or friends in fun games? Then just inquire at the reception desk. We have games such as Kongespil, Crockett, giant Mikado, and ladder golf.

Enjoy the afternoon in our large garden and play a game of petanque. Balls can be borrowed from the reception desk.

Various board games
Board games are more popular than ever, and everyone can join in. We have a selection of different board games. Simply inquire at the reception desk.

Sights and Attractions Near the Hotel

Roskilde Cathedral with royal graves
Roskilde Cathedral is considered one of the most important church buildings in Denmark and one of the most important monuments overall, due to its unique architecture and its connection to Danish history. The cathedral was built in the 12th and 13th centuries in Gothic style with bricks, as one of the earliest examples in Scandinavia, but today contains architectural styles from 800 years. The cathedral has been the burial church of the royal family for centuries and contains 38-40 royal graves: 19-21 kings and 19 queens. Together with murals and art, they tell the story of the kings, the church, and Denmark's history for 1000 years. In 1995, the cathedral was added to UNESCO's World Heritage List.

Boat tour Sagafjord
Experience the Zealand landscape with hills, fields, church towers, blue waves, birds, and high skies from the water. Come aboard the old ship, Sagafjord, that sails out from the port of Roskilde.

Viking Ship Museum
The Viking Ship Museum is Denmark's museum for people, ships, and the sea in prehistoric and medieval times. Through exhibitions, research, and experimental archaeology, the museum seeks to create a living and modern museum that makes our maritime history interesting and relevant.

Roskilde Museum
Roskilde Museum is a state-recognized cultural-historical local museum for Roskilde and its surroundings. The museum conveys the history of Roskilde City and its surroundings through exhibitions with rich finds from the city's history.

Ragnarock's 1,200 square meters main exhibition consists of 11 themes that present the story of how music and youth over time have pushed boundaries and influenced society. Take a captivating journey through the history and development of music and youth culture from the 1950s and onwards - a journey that engages, activates, and makes you break a sweat.

Musicon is a new creative district in Roskilde. The area covers 250,000 square meters. Before 1900, the area was part of the Roskilde Commons and used for agriculture. In the 1900s, gravel was excavated from the area, and the first concrete factory was established around 1940. Concrete elements were produced on the site until 2001, including elements for the Storebælt Bridge and the Øresund Bridge at the Unicon concrete factory.

Hedeland Narrow Gauge Railway
Denmark's longest narrow-gauge heritage railway, 5 kilometers long with 8 stops along the way. The train ride takes you directly to the heart of Hedeland Nature Park. A trip through the distinctive landscape is an experience for the whole family. The train runs every Sunday from May 17th to September 13th, as well as on Whit Monday. The first train departs at 10:30 a.m.

If you would like more information about attractions close to the hotel, you can find more information on Visit Fjordlandet.

Nature Experiences Near the Hotel

Comwell Roskilde's location by the forest and beach allows for many outdoor activities. Near the hotel, you will find several exciting sights to visit during your stay. During the summer season, Visit Fjordlandet offers a Hop On/Hop Off bus to nearby attractions.

Nearest beach
Enjoy a refreshing swim or a walk on the charming Vigen beach park with a beautiful view of the Fjord, where both Viking ships and the dining ship Sagafjord sail side by side with the beautiful yachts. You can reach the beach park within a 15-minute walk from the hotel or 5 minutes on one of our rental bikes. If you prefer a lake swim, we recommend the fantastic natural bathing area at the opal blue lakes Himmelsøen and Lynghøjsøen, located only 8-10 km from the hotel.

Nearest kayaking trip
Experience Roskilde Fjord up close and have a wonderful trip out into the national park via the waterway. At Vigen Strandpark, you can also rent a kayak from Outdoor Adventures, who are ready with tips on where to go. Remember to book in advance so you don't miss out.

Nearest ice cream parlor
You can't go without ice cream in the summer, and you'll find plenty of options near the hotel. The closest is the ice cream kiosk at Vigen Camping Site. However, we recommend going to Roskilde Harbor (3.5 km from the hotel), where you'll find both Paradis Is and Havnekiosken, offering delicious ice cream and waffles. Psst... Michelle from the reception recommends the elderflower sorbet from Paradis Is - it tastes heavenly.

Nearest city stroll
If you're up for a leisurely walk down a shopping street, a visit to Skomagergade - one of the city's old, charming shopping streets - is a must. Here, only 4 km from the hotel, you'll find a plethora of small, cozy shops and eateries. If you prefer indoor shopping, you can visit the Ros Torv shopping center, just a 10-minute drive from the hotel.

Nearest forest
The beautiful Boserup Forest, 10 km from the hotel, is the most beautiful place for a walk or bike ride. The forest is protected and borders Roskilde Fjord, so you can swim or dip your toes in the fjord on your forest trip. A more local forest tip is Himmelevskoven, only a 20-minute walk from the hotel. The forest is a relatively newly planted forest, but worth a pleasant walk.

Nearest nostalgic experience
"Pick your strawberries" is our Head Chef Klaus' recommendation for a summer activity in Roskilde. There are many opportunities near the hotel, so feel free to ask our reception. We can also recommend the Vintage Car Meet every Thursday at the harbor, the Market Days in Roskilde every Wednesday and Saturday, or visiting one of the many farm shops in the area with everything from eggs, fruit, and vegetables.

Nearest attractions
You'll find a plethora of cultural and historical attractions in Roskilde. Most famous are Roskilde Cathedral and the Viking Ship Museum. But the area offers many other worthwhile attractions such as Roskilde Monastery, Sct. Hans Garden, the Musicon area with the Ragnarock Museum, and the container street or the Experience Harbor. A local tip, within walking distance from the hotel, is a trip to Skjoldungernes Land National Park with unique nature, cultural history, and some of the most beautiful landscapes in Denmark.

Nearest picnic spot
Slow down and enjoy a picnic in the beautiful Danish nature surrounding the hotel. We're happy to make food for you to take along. Borrow our bikes and explore the Danish countryside. There are plenty of perfect picnic destinations near the hotel. We can, among other things, recommend Vigen Strandpark, Byparken, Folkeparken, Kællinge Haven, Boserup Skov, Lynghøjsøerne, or Himmelsøen.

Nearest golf course
When staying at Comwell Roskilde, you're never far from some of Denmark's finest golf courses. We can, among other things, recommend Ledreborg and Hedeland golf courses.