Events with an atmospheric character

Centralværkstedet Smedien Aarhus

Events with an atmospheric character

Located in central Aarhus in beautiful old buildings from 1862, you'll find Centralværkstedet and Smedien. The current event venues are former workshop buildings for the country's DSB trains, but now create an urban and atmospheric setting for your next event.

Centralværkstedet and Smedien are two of Comwell's unique venues - located in the center of Aarhus, a five-minute walk from the city's train station and close to Molslinjen. Here you can clearly feel the venue's past as the city's train workshop, where old train tracks still lie in the concrete floor, while the original gates have been replaced with large floor-to-ceiling windows. High ceilings, raw iron columns, exposed timbers and exposed brickwork combine to create an urban and raw feel. Complemented by heavy curtains, modern chandeliers and charming details, the historic buildings create an evocative atmosphere.

One of the frequent users of Centralværkstedet's premises is BUPL Østjylland. Several times a year, they organize conferences with anything from 50 to 300 participants, where the raw setting is an inspiration for the participants, says Louise Preisel, administrative employee at BUPL Østjylland:

"We are super happy with the atmosphere and the good story in the rooms. The raw combined with the stylish can do something special in terms of creating a beautiful setting for our students."

Homemade food for everyone

In Centralværkstedet's kitchen, the food is made from scratch by passionate food enthusiasts with seasonal vegetables and meat delivered from Grambogård - always with a focus on sustainability and ecology. In the kitchen, the pastry chef works her magic with airy creams, perfectly tempered chocolate and fresh berries, ensuring that both taste and aesthetics are top notch. At BUPL Østjylland, they particularly note the large selection and flexible service.

"The food is deliciously served with a good selection, so whether you eat vegetables or meat, you can have a great meal. It is also possible to make special dietary considerations if, for example, a student has a gluten allergy," says Louise Preisel.

Sparring creates flow in the day's meetings

An important part of Centralværkstedet and Smedien is the team of dedicated employees who work hard to create the best events. They always try to find a solution that fits the exact event being held, even if the needs are slightly different. They are also happy to provide input and advice if requested.

"We typically have an idea of how we want our event to run, and it's nice to get input from our employees so that we get the best flow during the day. However, we know each other so well that both parties know what works," Louise Preisel points out.

Centralværkstedet & Smedien

  • Venues for private parties and corporate events

  • Centralværkstedet: 1200 m2 with room for 700 guests in rows of chairs and 352 guests at round tables

  • Smedien: 469 m2 with room for 200 guests in rows of chairs and 140 guests at round tables

  • Access to a cozy green city garden

  • Possibility of accommodation at Comwell Aarhus


Run the conference as a festival

Looking for an alternative to the traditional conferences and meetings you organize throughout the year? Then you could consider doing something completely different than usual. For example, organize a festival where both customers and colleagues get a lot of shared experiences through music, food and professional events. This is easily possible at Comwell.
Comwell Bygholm Park

Jesper Rais

Walk & Talk with the Mayor of Horsens and the CEO of Comwell.

In mid-January, Comwell Hotels opened its doors for overnight stays, meetings, conferences, and events at Comwell Bygholm Park in Horsens