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Get your own personal meeting planner

Comwell's Meeting Designers are locally knowledgeable meeting planners who tailor a meeting or conference with everything from gastronomy to meeting content and activities - always with the outcome in focus.

By Jakob Rohde-Brøndum

Comwell is experiencing high demand for meetings and conferences from Danish companies, who can see that it does something good for the community and engagement when colleagues meet across the organization and departments.

"We can really feel that companies really want to set aside time for socializing and having a good time. The social aspect in the workplace means a lot to job satisfaction. It can be more emphasis on team building or just spending a little extra time in the bar while waiting for a good dinner," says Pernille Pokriva, who is the Hotel Director at Comwell Køge Strand and overall responsible for Comwell's Meeting Designers.

Meeting Designers tailor meeting packages

Comwell has won the award for 'Best Meeting Concept' at the Møde & Event Award industry awards for four years in a row, and one of the cornerstones of the award-winning meeting concept is precisely Comwell's Meeting Designers.

The Meeting Designers have been around since 2004 and have followed developments and customer requests over the years. Comwell's Meeting Designers tailor and adapt the meeting to the customer's wishes, but also have the courage to go one step further to ensure the outcome. They guide and advise from the first phone call until the meeting is successfully completed and all participants have gone home.

"We guide, among other things, with planning, meeting structure, premises and set-up, as well as the optimal catering and any booking of accommodation for all participants," says Pernille Pokriva.

Great local knowledge

The Meeting Designers are attached to each hotel and therefore have great local knowledge of both the hotel and the local area. They keep themselves updated on trends and tendencies within meetings, conferences, and lectures so that they can always give the best advice regarding both framework, content, and activities.

"It's about creating security around the meeting, so our Meeting Designers always ask about the purpose of the meeting, so we can best help and guide our customers. It may be, for example, that we can support the purpose of the meeting with participant involvement, activities, or maybe they need a wine tasting in the bar. We find out through close dialogue," emphasizes Pernille Pokriva.

"Comwell has unique tools for, among other things, participant involvement that supports learning and at the same time all Comwell hotels have unique opportunities to use nature or other physical activities, the opportunities are many and unique to ensure the outcome of the meeting," she says.

Quality-conscious meeting catering

In addition to coordinating the event itself, facilities, and conference equipment, Comwell's Meeting Designers also help arrange delicious meeting catering, where the focus is on Danish organic ingredients in season.

"We do everything we can to give our customers a fantastic experience all the way around. Good meeting catering is an important part of the overall experience. Therefore, our Meeting Designers, in close collaboration with colleagues in the kitchen and restaurant, also ensure that we can meet our customers' requirements for ecology and awareness of sustainable kitchen operations. At Comwell, we take care of both people and the environment, and this is also reflected in the food and beverages we serve. We prioritize meeting the organic bronze mark and ordering seasonal ingredients because it provides the best taste experience, the greatest job satisfaction, and it is good for the environment," says Pernille Pokriva.

In addition to awards for the best meeting concept, Comwell has for the 4th year in a row been named Denmark's best workplace in the Great Place to Work survey. 

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