Escape the everyday at Comwell's spa hotels

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Escape the everyday at Comwell's spa hotels

It doesn't have to be a day trip if you dream of dipping your toes in warm water and feeling pampered in relaxing surroundings. At Comwell Kellers Park and Comwell Borupgaard you can enjoy a complete spa experience that will make your shoulders slump and everyday life disappear for a while.

At Comwell's spa hotels in Børkop near Vejle and Snekkersten, you will immediately feel a sense of luxurious well-being. Here you can smell the fresh herbs from the sauna and feel the warmth of the thermal baths enveloping your body as you rest your mind with a view of the beautiful natural surroundings. If you feel like it, you can also experience a breath of fresh air with a dip in the cold baths or make use of the well-equipped fitness facilities.

Relaxation doesn't have to mean long travel time and days away from everyday life. According to Kristel Krøier, who has visited both of Comwell's spa hotels, 24 hours without obligations can be enough to recharge:

"Holiday spirit doesn't have to mean a whole week away. A single 24-hour spa stay with your boyfriend or girlfriend can easily create the tranquillity you dream of, and then you can return the next day with new energy."

Fantastic facilities

At Comwell Kellers Park you are invited inside the hotel's atmospheric mansion buildings. In the spa area, you can enjoy an experience bath with warm tropical rain, an indoor beach where you can experience sunrise and sunset in 30 minutes, and heated mosaic benches with footbaths and views of Vejle Fjord.

"It's a large area, and there's a great buzzing atmosphere throughout the spa, with staff offering drinks and making you feel like having a good time," says Kristel Krøier.

You can also experience the spa's salt sauna, where health-giving salt ions are released through the heat to de-stress the body and skin and strengthen the immune system.

"The salt sauna is a really nice and pleasant area with soft hammocks where you can lounge and the salt tubs around it form beautiful salt steps," explains Kristel Krøier.

At Comwell's other spa hotel, Comwell Borupgaard - originally a large, beautiful manor house - more unique experiences await. In addition to classic baths and pools, the spa area has a brechelbath; a mild herbal steam bath where a moist heat slowly rises in temperature while fresh spruce twigs on the floor provide gentle reflexology.

What both spa hotels have in common is the natural beauty of their surroundings. Both hotels also have outdoor spa facilities with views of the forest and fjord in Vejle and the park and lake in Snekkersten.

Food is also a priority. Diners can enjoy a delicious, tasty meal in the restaurant, where Comwell's skilled chefs focus especially on green and plant-rich dishes.

"You get the feeling that this is the place to be, and the only thing you might have to consider is dressing up in the evening if you want to eat dinner in the restaurant," concludes Kristel Krøier.

At the end of the day, the hotels' well-appointed rooms are ready to embrace a good night's sleep after a relaxing day at the spa.

Professional spa treatments

Spa at Comwell also offers luxurious treatments, and the trained spa therapists ensure a complete experience, whether you want a massage, facial or something else. In the spa shop you can even buy the specially selected products used by the spa therapists.

Curl up in your bathrobe and pamper your body and soul

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Treat yourself to a weekday or weekend spa holiday. The stay includes access to AquaSpa, welcome bubbles, 3-course dinner, accommodation and breakfast buffet.
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Recharge and enjoy a quiet break from everyday life. The stay includes early check-in, access to AquaSpa, 2-course dinner, accommodation and breakfast buffet.
Comwell Borupgaard spa spapark aquaspa yoga

Spa3 days


Check in for 3 days of relaxation and well-being! The stay includes dinner both evenings, buffet breakfast and access to AquaSpa.
Comwell Borupgaard spa spapark aquaspa yoga

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SpaArrival Sundays


Extend your weekend with a SundaySpa stay. The stay includes access to AquaSpa, welcome bubbles, 3-course dinner, accommodation and breakfast buffet.
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Comwell Kellers Park recognised as 'Spa of the Year' at the Danish Beauty Award 2024

At the annual Danish Beauty Awards on Friday evening in Tivoli Congress Centre, Comwell Kellers Park was honoured as the winner of the 'Spa of the Year' category. The prestigious award show traditionally recognises and celebrates the best in the Danish beauty and cosmetics industry.