Comwell Club Bonus Nights

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Stay nice, stay well. Bonus!

As a member of the Comwell Club, you have many benefits. Now we have just added one more: Stay 8 nights and get your 9th night from Comwell. One overnight stay gives one stamp* - and eight stamps give you a bonus night!

Book your stay directly with Comwell or via your corporate agreement. We look forward to seeing you. For the first or 9th time.

*You get one stamp per night you stay, regardless of the number of rooms you pay for.

How to earn stamps

On your Comwell Club profile, you will find your stamp card. Here you can keep track of how many stamps and bonus nights you have.

To get one stamp:

  • The booking must be made directly with Comwell, either on, by phone, or through a travel agency (GDS).

  • The booking must be made with your Comwell Club email.

  • It doesn't matter if you stay as a private individual or a business traveler.

  • You get one stamp per day (regardless of the number of rooms you pay for). If you pay for, for example, two nights, you get two stamps (still only one stamp per day).

  • Your stamp will be visible on your Comwell Club profile the day after check-out.

  • A stamp expires after 12 months.

  • All stamps on your Comwell Club stamp card remain active with a minimum of one overnight stay every 12 months.

When you have 8 stamps, you get one bonus night, and your stamp card is reset.

You do not get a stamp for:

  • Accommodation in connection with conferences/meetings, unless you pay for the accommodation yourself.

  • Bonus night stays.

  • Stays booked through third-party websites such as, Expedia, etc.

We also refer to our terms and conditions for Comwell Club. Read them here.

Sådan bruger du din Comwell Club bonusnat

How to use your Comwell Club bonus night

Your bonus nights are displayed on your Comwell Club profile.

  • You can redeem your bonus night for two people in a standard room at any Comwell hotel of your choice.

  • Bonus nights must be booked via your Comwell Club profile.

  • Remember the voucher code at check-in, as you will otherwise be charged for the daily overnight rate. Your unique voucher code can be found on your Comwell Club profile.

Here's how:

  • Log in to Comwell Club at the top of the page.

  • Under "Comwell Club Loyalty," you can see your bonus nights and earned vouchers.

  • Use the link "Book your bonus night here" under the section "Your bonus nights" to book your bonus nights.

  • Under the same section on your profile, you will also find your unique voucher code. Note! Your voucher does not need to be used when booking, but it must be presented as documentation at check-in.

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Terms and Conditions

  • You earn one stamp per membership per room night, regardless of the number of rooms you pay for.

    • Example: If you pay for two rooms for one night, you will receive one stamp.

    • Example: If you pay for two rooms for two nights, you will receive two stamps.

  • You earn stamps for bookings made directly through or via a Global Distribution System.

  • You do not earn stamps for overnight stays in connection with conferences/meetings unless you, as a member, pay for them, bonus night stays, and stays booked via third parties such as, Expedia, etc.

  • Your stamp will appear on your Comwell Club profile the day after check-out.

  • You will receive your bonus night when you have 8 stamps.

  • Your bonus night will appear on your Comwell Club profile the day after check-out from your 8th overnight stay.

  • You cannot redeem a bonus night until it appears on your Comwell Club profile.

  • A bonus night can be redeemed up to 12 months after it is awarded, and the validity period cannot be extended.

  • Bonus nights can ONLY be booked individually and exclusively online through your Comwell Club profile.

  • A bonus night cannot be converted into cash or a discount on other bookings.

  • If you want to extend a stay with a bonus night, each booking must be made separately (one stay booking and one bonus night booking).

  • If you have multiple bonus nights and want to redeem more than 1 bonus night, each bonus night must be booked individually through your Comwell Club profile.

  • Bonus nights do not give a stamp on your Comwell Club stamp card, and you do not earn points for your bonus night.

  • If you experience that you have not been awarded your bonus night, it can be manually registered up to 3 months after your 8th overnight stay. Please contact Comwell Club Support on the number/email below and provide your reservation number that should trigger your bonus night.

  • Cancellation of a bonus night must be made by 4 pm on the day of arrival. Read more here.

  • If you do not cancel your bonus night on time, it will be automatically redeemed and will not be replaced.

If you did not find the information you were looking for, please contact Comwell Club Support at or call 70 274 274 (open Monday-Friday 9 am-4 pm).