Important information about your stay at Comwell Holte

Check in & check out

Check in is from 3pm, and checkout is no later than 11am

Please note, that our hotel has stairs and no lift, which unfortunately, makes it unadvisable to book, if you use a wheelchair.


Smoking is not allowed in indoor areas at the hotel. It's permitted to smoke on our outdoor terrace.

Breakfast buffet included

Breakfast buffet is included in most stays at our hotel. If you wish to have breakfast in your room, you need to book this the evening before.

Table reservation for dinner

It's a good idea to reserve a table for dinner. Meals that are included in your reservation are fixed, and vary daily. We are happy to adjust the menu if you have allergies or are vegetarian (need to be booked before arrival).


Always make sure to tell us about any allergies before arrival.

Extra beds in the room

You can book one extra bed per room.

  • An extra bed for an adult costs half the price of a double room.
  • An extra bed for children under 12 years has a charge of DKK 250 per night, and there is a charge of DKK 125 per night for cribs.
  • Extra beds must be reserved beforehand.

Dogs in the room

"Quiet" and house trained dogs are allowed in the room, provided the hotel is notified before arrival. There is an additional charge of DKK 150 per stay.


Parking is free of charge.

Internet access

We offer free wifi in all common areas, and there are three computers with internet access at your disposal.

Credit cards

We accept all credit cards. Visa Electron and other debit cards are only accepted in the reception area. There is a fee for the use of credit cards (there is no fee for using Dankort).

Payment with gift voucher

You can book your stay online, and pay with your gift voucher at checkout. Entering your credit card during online booking is just a guarantee for arrival. Please note, we do not accept gift vouchers from other Comwell hotels.

Earn points with Comwell Club

You automatically earn 5% of the total amount spent during your stay. All points earned can be used as payment during your next stay. Join and read more at