Important information about your stay at Comwell Holte

Practical information about your stay

Check-in & check-out
Check in is from 3 pm, and check-out is no later than 11 am

Do you wish to prolong your stay with check-in 2 hours earlier or later than the standard times, this can be added before your stay for a fee of DKK 200,-.

Children below the age of 18 shoud always be accompanied by a adult during the stay.

Physically disabled and/or difficulty walking
Please be aware, that this hotel is not suitable for guests, who are physically disabled or having difficulty walking. The rooms are accessible by stairs only and there is no escalator. There is a handicap toilet in the reception.

Payment upon arrival
Stays are always paid at arrival. If you pay by giftcard or cash, the reserved amount on your credit card will be released. We recommend informing the receptionist, if your stay was booked with a debit card.

Registration Card
When arriving, you will be asked to complete a registration card and show a valid ID. This is in accordance with the Danish law. 

Credit Card
All standard credit cards are accepted. Please note there is a fee on international cards. Comwell has the right to pre-approve your credit/debit card, before arrival.

We do not withdraw any amount, unless you are booking a non-refundable stay. Your credit card is only used as a guarantee for your booking. If a debit card is used, the amount is reserved by the bank for 30 days. Should you want to have the amount released before the 30 days, please contact the hotel directly with your reservation number, and the staff will help you release the amount. Comwell can - via DIBS - instruct your bank to release the amount. However, it is only your own bank that can delete the reservation of the amount. Debit card are Visa Elektron, Maestro or Mastercard Direct. 

Cancellation of stay
Your stay can be cancelled free of charge until 4pm the day before the arrival day, unless your stay includes dinner. If cancellation is after 4pm, you will be charged for the first night.

A pre-paid and "non-refundable" stay cannot be cancelled. 

Room reservations including dinners, sport and/or spa treatments can be cancelled free of charge at least 7 days before arrival. If cancellation is between 2-6 days before the arrival day, 50% of the total price of the stay will be charged. If cancellation is less than 2 days before the arrival day, the total amount will be charged.

Smoking is not allowed in indoor areas at the hotel. It is only permitted on our outdoor terrace.

Breakfast buffet 
Breakfast buffet is included in most of our stays. If you are in doubt, ask our reception staff. Breakfast buffet is served from 6.30 to 9.30 am, with the exception of Sundays and public holidays from 7 to 10 am. 

Ordinary coffee and tea is included in the breakfast buffet. If a special coffee is desired, this can be ordered and paid for at the bar.

Grab & Go
Order your breakfast or lunch "To Go", which is a delicious sandwich, some sweets and fruit. The price is DKK 95,- per person and should be ordered at least 2 hours before at the reception. The breakfast "To Go" should be ordered before 9 pm.

Table booking for dinner
It's a good idea to reserve a table for dinner. Meals that are included in your reservation are fixed, and vary daily. We are happy to adjust the menu if you have allergies or are vegetarian. Please inform us of this before arrival.

Restaurant opening hours
Monday to Saturday: 12-2 pm and again at 6-9 pm.
Sunday: Closed.

"Det Økologiske Spisemærke" label
All of our hotels are certified with "Det Økologiske Spisemærke" in bronze, which means that 30-60 % of all of our purchased food- and beverages are organic. We believe that "Det Økologiske Spisemærke" increases both the quality and taste experience for our guests.

"ReFood" label
We actively fight food waste, and food scraps are therefore reused for Biogas and second-generation biofuel.

Always make sure to tell us about any allergies before arrival.

Lobby bar
Visit our cosy lobby bar where cold beverages such as beer, water, wine or cocktails are being served until 9.30 pm.

There is staff 24/7 in the reception. You can buy snacks, candy and beverages here.

Extra bed or baby cot
There can be a maximum of 1 extra bed/baby cot per room. Always contact us before arrival if you want an extra bed or cot. Please note that we charge a supplement for an extra person/bed/cot in the room.

Dogs in the room
"Quiet" and house trained dogs are allowed in the room, provided the hotel is notified before arrival. The dog must not be left alone in the room, and there is no access for dogs in the Restaurant Brasseriet. There is an additional charge of DKK 250,- per stay.

Air conditioning
The hotel has no air conditioning. It can get quite warm in the rooms when the sun is shining. You can borrow a fan for the room at reception.

There are many stairs at Comwell Holte. There are stairs to all rooms. 

All rooms are cleaned every day. First, the rooms where new guests will arrive are cleaned. Then then all other rooms are being cleaned. This may well be in the late afternoon. 

We have a shared responsibility to look after the environment. Therefore, we do not automatically change towels in the rooms. If you want new towels, they must be placed on the bathroom floor. 

Fridge and freezer
There is no minibar or refrigerator in the rooms. If you want something stored in the fridge or freezer, we will be happy to help you with this, at the reception. 

Coffee and tea during your stay
There is no free coffee and tea at the hotel during your stay. Regular coffee and tea is available for breakfast. If a special coffee is desired, this must be ordered and paid for at the bar throughout the day. There are only coffee and tea sets in our superior rooms and junior suites - not in the two types of standard rooms.

Parking is free of charge.

Charging electric cars
We have an electric charging stand where it is possible to pay for charging via the Clever app. Bring your own cables.

Internet access
We offer free wifi in all common areas, and there are three computers with internet access at your disposal.

Credit cards
We accept all credit cards. Visa Electron and other debit cards are only accepted in the reception area. There is a fee for the use of credit cards (there is no fee for using Dankort).

Payment with gift voucher
You can book your stay online, and pay with your gift voucher at checkout. Entering your credit card during online booking is just a guarantee for arrival. Please note, we do not accept gift vouchers from other Comwell hotels.

Earn points with Comwell Club
You automatically earn 5% of the total amount spent during your stay. All points earned can be used as payment during your next stay. Join and read more at the Comwell Club page here.

Other questions?
Please contact us using telephone: +45 4547 7400 or via email: