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Do you have a passion for making a difference for others through unique service experiences? Do you want to pursue a career in an industry where no two days are the same, the pace is high and the tasks varied? Do you dream of a job with ample opportunities for professional and personal development? Then Comwell is the right place for you.

At Comwell, we offer you the opportunity to build a career in a company where you, as an employee, are at the center. You are the core of Comwell and we work every day to create the absolute best framework for you.

At Comwell, we believe that all employees play an important role - whether you are a trainee, working in the office, or operations in front of the guests - both for our guests and for each other. Therefore, we have created a culture that focuses on playing each other better and providing the freedom to make decisions.

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Vacant positions

Click here and see the job vacancies we currently have at Comwell. You can also apply for a position by uploading a CV and an application to our recruitment system.

If there is no vacancy that suits you at the moment, you are welcome to apply for an unsolicited position under the job posting "Unsolicited position", and we will consider your application the next time a relevant vacancy arises.

We look forward to receiving your application.
Trainee at Comwell Hotels
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Become a trainee at Comwell

At Comwell, we consider having trainees a great privilege, and we work hard every day to create the framework for the best education. We train chefs, pastry chefs/bakers, waiters, receptionists, spa therapists, cosmetologists, event coordinators, property assistants, AV technicians, and office trainees.
We have hotels and venues all over the country and on average have 100 trainees. So with us, you get a daily life filled with challenges, responsibilities, and development.
Recruitment process
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Recruitment process at Comwell

Comwell is always on the lookout for the best employees in the industry, and we need to find the best-suited candidate when we have a vacant job. Therefore, we emphasize conducting a thorough and professional recruitment process, where we assess both professional and personal qualities.
Meet a future colleague
AV and property technician
Meet Stefan
Meet Stefan, who is an AV technician at Comwell Køge Strand
Kitchen sous chef
Meet Thor
Meet Thor, who is a kitchen sous chef at Comwell Hvide Hus Aalborg
Meet Anine
Meet Anine, who is a MeetingDesigner at Comwell Kellers Park
Pastry chef
Meet Kubica
Meet Kubica, who is a pastry chef at Centralværkstedet
Social Media Manager
Meet Jassmin
Meet Jassmin, who is a Social Media Manager
Meet Nicolai
Meet Nicolai,who is a receptionist at Comwell Kellers Park
Hotel director
Meet Pernille
Meet Pernille, who is a hotel director at Comwell Køge Strand