Comwell H.C. Andersen Odense

Restaurant and Events at Comwell H. C. Andersen Odense

Comwell H.C. Andersen Odense

Restaurant and Events at Comwell H. C. Andersen Odense

Restaurant Hans Christian

In the middle of H.C. Andersen city, close to attractions and facing the cosy, cobblestoned Black Friars Square, you'll find Restaurant Hans Christian. And here, we are not only on a first-name basis with our famous fellow citizens but also with our guests, who are welcomed with lots of warmth.

Our goal is to spoil our guests with quality food produced with the environment and our common future in mind.

For us, consideration means taking responsibility and having clear culinary attitudes towards the way we prepare our food and, not least, the way we conduct ourselves in everyday life.

Our goal of acting with consideration is not just something we say, but something we do, and our ambition to act sustainably results in concrete choices and trade-offs every single day. For example, we do not use strawberries in November because it is out of season, we do not serve foie gras or tiger prawns due to animal welfare, and we do not serve overseas wines as the carbon footprint is much lower when the wine has a shorter transport distance.

We have the bronze mark in organic produce, which means that 30-60% of our raw materials are organic. However, it's not at any cost that we choose organic. For us, a sustainable mindset is more important, and we always prefer to make our steaks from a conventional cow from Fyn rather than an organic one from Australia.

Choose between a 2- or 3-course menu or a smaller à la carte selection that changes every other month.

Stop by, for example, for a burger before heading to a concert at ODEON. Or enjoy a 3-course menu before your visit to Casino Odense.

Restaurant Hans Christian

Come Inside

Opening Hours
The restaurant is open Monday to Saturday from 5:30 pm-9:00 pm.

We Look Forward to Welcoming You

Events at Comwell H.C. Andersen Odense

Corporate Party
Once Upon a Time, There Was a Corporate Party in Odense.
The kingdom for a party! And it became as you commanded. Gigantic and full throttle. Or smaller and more intimate. Welcome to a truly fairy-tale-like corporate party at Comwell H.C. Andersen Odense and Odeon.
Romantic Wedding in the Middle of H. C. Andersen Odense
Once upon a time... And from here, your fairy tale can begin! Let your wedding be filled with mini-putt magic, surrounded by a yellow half-timbered idyll. Forget about grand and magnificent, because here it's cosy and incredibly romantic. Welcome to a wedding at Comwell H.C. Andersen Odense!
Christmas Party 2024
Christmas Party in Odense
In the heart of Odense, we at Comwell H.C. Andersen Odense invite you to an enchanting Christmas lunch featuring Danish holiday classics on the menu. Everything is, of course, homemade, and our talented chefs have carefully crafted each dish.
Christmas lunch at Comwell
The Special Occasion

If you're looking for a unique, stylish, and centrally located venue for your wedding or any other festive occasion, then Comwell H.C. Andersen Odense is the place for you. We offer easy access, whether your guests arrive by car or public transport, as we are just a few minutes walk from Odense Station and have a parking garage beneath the hotel.

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Wedding Party

At Comwell, all of our hotels and wedding venues are located in beautiful areas that create the ideal setting for your dream wedding - whether it means a romantic winter wedding or a fun outdoor summer wedding with a great party afterwards.
Comwell Holte firmafest
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Corporate Party

All of our hotels have restaurants and event spaces that can be tailored to your needs and desires and can accommodate events of all sizes - only your imagination sets limits for your corporate party.
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Confirmation Party

The time leading up to a confirmation or nonfirmation is lovely, but often requires a lot of planning for the parents. At Comwell, we are ready to help you get all the details in order - from invitations to the perfect party venues and the ideal party food.
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Birthday Party

We have 20 hotels and venues located throughout the country where you can celebrate an anniversary or a birthday - maybe even a children's birthday - with a lovely party where gastronomy and high spirits are in focus.

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