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Ideal Settings for Weddings

At Comwell, all of our hotels and wedding venues are located in beautiful areas that create the ideal setting for your dream wedding - whether it means a romantic winter wedding or a fun outdoor summer wedding with a blast of a party afterwards. All of our wedding venues are flexible: they can be decorated according to your wishes and adapted to weddings of all sizes. We have 20 hotels and venues, each with its unique expression, so the possibilities in our event spaces are many.

We have hotels in fascinating historic settings, hotels in the most beautiful nature with forests, beaches, or views of fjords, and hotels that are located with fantastic views over some of the largest cities in Denmark. So, no matter where in the country and what kind of setting the bride and groom want for their wedding, they can find it with us.

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Beach Wedding in Denmark

If you dream of a beach wedding surrounded by beautiful nature and the sound of the waves, it can definitely be done in Denmark. At Comwell, we have several hotels that are located right on the beach but still have easy access for your guests. Beach weddings are possible at:

Køge Strand




A Wedding Menu Guests Will Remember

Regardless of whether it concerns your wedding dinner or wedding reception, a menu with delicious food and drinks is an essential part of the event.

When you order wedding food from us, you can be sure that your wedding guests will have a unique gastronomic experience. Based on your preferences, we help you put together your personal wedding menu with an accompanying wine menu - and of course also assist with menu cards. Our pastry chef helps with the wedding cake and accommodates all conceivable requests for traditional or alternative cake decoration, as well as the icing on the cake: a beautiful cake topper for the bridal couple.

Your festive dinner can also consist of a wedding buffet, and we of course adjust the menu according to all guests' food preferences, such as vegetarian or vegan. In addition, we strive to create an organic wedding menu.

All of our chefs take pride in using the absolute best ingredients. We focus on sustainability, ecology, and gastronomy, and in 2017 we received the Organic Prize of the Year. Our food is not only good for your guests but also for our planet.

During the party, our friendly and accommodating serving staff are, of course, helpful in taking care of you and your guests, so you can relax and enjoy food and wine.

Wedding Surrounded by Nature

A wedding surrounded by nature creates a cosy, relaxing, and romantic atmosphere. At Comwell, we have several hotels located in the midst of nature, surrounded by forests, lakes, and green areas. A wedding party with the forest as a backdrop is possible at:



Bygholm Park






Rebild Bakker


Accommodation After the Wedding Party

Both you and your guests have the opportunity for a hotel stay at Comwell after the wedding party. With an overnight stay, both you and your guests can avoid worrying about how to get home after the party. The following morning, we offer a large breakfast buffet, so you can round off the celebration with your friends, family, and loved ones in a cosy and relaxing way.

A Sea View Wedding

A picturesque view helps create the perfect atmosphere for a wedding, and what could be more romantic than a beautiful sea view? We have several hotels with a unique view over the sea or fjord. Here you can see where you can be pampered with sea or fjord views:

Kellers Park








Personal Wedding Planner

At Comwell, you can have a personal wedding planner who will be with you every step of the way, from the initial conversation and wedding planning to the end of your wedding event when the last candle is blown out.

We have many years of experience in planning and executing weddings of all sizes. First and foremost, we help you find the right location with the perfect banquet hall. Then, we provide advice and ideas for entertainment, such as wedding bands, as well as inspiration for decorating your reception hall with floral arrangements, table decorations, and more.

We take into account your budget, needs, and wishes for the entire day, from wedding photography and transportation to the day's musical performances, whether it means a live band, a DJ, or something else entirely.

In other words, we take care of all the practical details. As the bride and groom, all you have to do is be with your guests and enjoy the day.

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A Wedding in the City Center





Copenhagen Portside


H.C. Andersen Odense


Hvide Hus Aalborg




Customize Your Dream Wedding

With the help of our wedding planner, we can tailor your dream wedding.

We know that all weddings are different, and that every couple has their own ideas about decorations, wedding entertainment, wedding photography, wedding food - and price. Some couples want a large wedding, where old traditions are maintained - such as a wedding speech - while others dream of holding a small, informal, and perhaps also unconventional wedding, where more emphasis is placed on fun and different elements. Most importantly, the day should be personal and reflect you. Therefore, we are ready with different suggestions and wedding inspiration for festive weddings with grand wedding decorations as well as fun decorations for an alternative wedding. Whatever you choose - tradition or not - we at Comwell pride ourselves on ensuring that the bride and groom have an unforgettable celebration in a beautifully decorated banquet hall.

Our wedding planner ensures that speeches, fun elements, and entertainment are coordinated with your toastmaster, so that you - the bride and groom - can sit back and focus on enjoying a very special and romantic day with friends and family.

Host Your Wedding Party at Comwell

It can be difficult to decide on the perfect location for your wedding, but no matter where in Denmark you wish to hold your wedding reception, we have an exciting wedding venue. Whether you are planning a summer wedding or a winter wedding, our facilities provide the perfect setting for activities in connection with the wedding.

Comwell hotels each have their unique location and beautiful surroundings. If you dream of a beach wedding with sand between your toes, we have beach hotels with a view of the sea. If you prefer a garden wedding or an outdoor wedding in beautiful nature, we also arrange that. If you wish to hold your wedding reception centrally in the city's vibrant life - e.g. Copenhagen, Aarhus or Aalborg - it is also possible with us.

If you need to gather guests from all over the country for your wedding reception, you can easily choose from one of our 20 Danish hotels and venues located throughout Zealand, Funen, and Jutland. Whether it's in Holte or Helsingør in North Zealand, Sorø, Køge or Roskilde in the rest of Zealand, Odense or Middelfart on Funen, Kolding, Vejle, Århus or Aalborg in Jutland, is entirely up to you. The possibilities of finding the perfect wedding venue with us are many.

We look forward to welcoming you and your wedding guests.

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