Table reservation for Fish- and Seafood night at Comwell Borupgaard

  • Sumptuous seafood buffet
  • Table reservation with a ticket to friday October 2nd
Kr. 825,-
pr. person

Do you enjoy the delights of the sea?

At Comwell Borupgaard, Chef Theis Christensen has specialized in seafood for many years. This is evident in both the visual and the taste expressions. It turns out, from the classic over to the more innovative kitchen, adapted to the trends of the time.

Enjoy a sumptuous seafood buffet packed with, among other things. oysters, mussels, virgin lobsters, crabs, sushi, cold fish dishes and hot preparations for the fresh catch of the season. In addition, Comwell Borupgaard's chefs will make slightly innovative dishes from the fresh catch of the sea and the selection of seasonal vegetables.


  • Friday October 2nd, 2020 at 7 pm - Book here
  • Saturday October 3rd, 2020 at 7 pm - SOLD OUT


A ticket for Fish and Seafood night at Comwell Borupgaard costs DKK 745 per person.

If you would like a wine menu with the dinner, you can purchase this from the waiter.

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The night's menu


  • Paella with a la Comwell Borupgaard Hummerbisque and saffron mouls soup
  • Andalusian mouls and Mouls marinieré
  • Pestomarinated mussels
  • Palm leaves with oriental farce, fresh catch of the sea, lime leaves
  • Spring rolls - the sea's fresh catch with sour / sweet sauce
  • Flambéed redfish with Pernod
  • Cata plana with fresh seafood and seafood
  • Thai ragout with seafood
  • Gratinated crab gratin
  • Basil au gratin scallops
  • Squid lollipop with basil and citrus
  • Crab cakes with guacamole and nacho
  • Filo samosa with fresh cheese and salmon mince/mint
  • Filo moped with fresh sea catch - curry/ginger
  • Chinese steamer with fresh seafood and seafood
  • Ravioli with mushrooms and truffle


  • Cold smoked salmon and green asparagus
  • French oysters with lemon and vinaigrette
  • 5 kinds of sushi: soy - ginger - wasabi Sashimi tuna - soy / ginger marinade - mango
  • Cerviche with lime - chili - coriander
  • Boiled crab claws with lemon
  • Boiled lobsters with 2 x dressing
  • Filo basket with seafood salad
  • Poached turbot, farrowing, grouse and salmon
  • Blinis with sour cream and roe
  • Pancake prawns with mango emulsion
  • Stirred salmon tartare with crispy Smoked halibut in layers with herb cream
  • And in addition, Comwell Borupgaard's chefs will make slightly innovative dishes from the sea's fresh catch and the selection of seasonal vegetables.


  • Large cheese board with cheeses from Europe approx. 20 kinds
  • Biscuits, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, pickled nuts
  • Dried fruits, freshly cut exotic fruits
  • As well as a small selection of our skilled confectioners' delicacies

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