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Restaurant & event in Kongebrogaarden


Restaurant Dannebro - dining by the ocean

Restaurant Dannebro is Kongebrogaarden’s gourmet restaurant. We are situated right down to Lillebælt in Middelfart and have a cosy and luxurious atmosphere.

We prepare all meals with fresh, seasonal ingredients, and we use local suppliers as much as possible. We have our own baker and make all bread and cakes ourselves. We also have our own sommelier that can help you find the perfect wine for your meal.


Restaurant Kongebro

At Restaurant Kongebro your food is accompanied by an amazing view of the habour. Our large and delicious morning buffet, our delicate lunch menu and our dinner menu with seasonal dishes is being served here. At dinner, our guests can choose a la carte or a full 4-course menu. Restaurant Kongebro is also used to host larger parties such as birthdays, weddings and other special events that need a perfect setting.


Wine tasting in our amazing wine cellar

If you like good wine, our wine tasting is definitely something you should try. In our amazing wine cellar, we will light the candles, and our two sommeliers will put together a tasting that suits your preferences and will guide you through the whole experience.

A wine tasting usually takes 45-60 minutes and has to be booked in advance.


Weddings at Comwell Kongebrogaarden

At Comwell Kongebrogaarden we have rooms that are perfect for both big and small weddings as well as other parties. We can accommodate parties of all sizes.

The hotel is surrounded by a beautiful landscape along Lillebælt, and we have our own little marina in front of the hotel. The setting for the perfect party is in place, and your guests will be captivated by the surroundings.

Read more about weddings and other parties at Comwell:

We can accommodate all kinds of parties, so Contact os if you want to know more about arranging a party that isn't on the list above.


Welcome to our fireplace bar

Our fireplace bar is the natural gathering place in the hotel, regardless of whether you stay with us or attend a meeting. You can explore our extended bar menu where you can choose one meal or put together your own 3-course menu. Enjoy e.g. cold-smoked salmon from Hirtshals, a crispy Caesar salad or our classic burger.

The place invites you to have a good time, and many of our meeting guests choose to meet for evening coffee right here.

The fireplace has access to a large outdoor terrace facing the marina and the Little Belt Bridge.

The bar is open all days from 4pm to 10pm.


Restaurant opening hours

We are open for lunch (12:00 - 16:30) and evening (18:00 - 22:00). On Sunday evening we have closed, but here you have the opportunity to dine in our bar.