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Host a Party Wherever You Want

Many companies have realized how important it is to hold parties for their employees from time to time. Good and fun company parties - or corporate events - require the right location and the right setting. At Comwell, we have hotels and venues located throughout the country, each with its own unique features. So no matter what kind of setting you want for your company event, what the occasion is, or where in the country you want to hold the festivities, we can help you put together an amazing party.

All of our hotels have restaurants and banquet halls that can be tailored to your needs and desires and can accommodate events of all sizes - only your imagination sets the limits for your company party.

Contact the hotel and plan the best party!

Food in a Class of Its Own

Good food and drink are at the core of any party. With us, you can be sure to experience exceptional taste sensations. Our experienced chefs - several of whom are Danish champions - take pride in serving the best party menu. They only use the best ingredients, and there is a focus on quality, ecology, and taste in our delicious dishes.

We are happy to help you put together the perfect menu with a corresponding wine menu. There is also the option to order a buffet if you prefer. Naturally, we take into account food preferences and allergies for the desired menu as well as the buffet, and there is always the possibility of getting healthy vegetarian dishes. The latter applies, of course, to our breakfast, brunch, lunch, and other snacks as well.

When you arrive at the company party, there will, of course, be a welcome drink in your bar, followed by wine, beer, and water, and subsequently coffee and tea for your dessert.

Accommodation Options

If your company wishes to hold a company party with an overnight stay, we have optimal opportunities for this. All of our hotels have plenty of well-appointed and comfortable rooms, so there is no need to worry about how you or your colleagues will get home after the party.

The next morning, we offer a large and delicious communal breakfast buffet where you can talk about the party and end your company event in a cosy way.

Let Us Handle the Practicalities

One of the biggest challenges of arranging a corporate party can be the work that goes into planning, coming up with fun ideas, and all the other practical aspects that a good party or event requires.

When you hold a party at our hotel, you have the option of having your own party coordinator assigned to you, who will help with everything so you can relax and enjoy the party together. We have many years of experience in planning and hosting parties of all sizes and occasions, and we are with you from start to finish.

Based on your wishes, we can also help with ideas and inspiration for entertainment, creative activities, the course of the party, the layout of the party rooms, music for the party, DJ, and much more. We will discuss your wishes and needs, and then we will find the right solution together and make a plan for the party.

If you have specific wishes for live music, party entertainment, magicians, and other experiences, we will also find a solution for this.

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Host Your Summer Party in Beautiful Surroundings With Plenty of Space for Everyone

At Comwell, we have cozy settings, modern facilities, and space for events of any type and size. Here, we combine the best of Comwell - our focus on presence, precision, and harmony - with a summer atmosphere, delicious food, and good entertainment.

Activities For Your Corporate Party

Creative and fun activities are often part of a good company party. Our event coordinators are helpful in providing ideas and inspiration for exercises, team building, and various activities. It can provide inspiration and renewed energy when the office is swapped out for nature experiences and fresh air.

A company party can also be combined with a professional event where it may be necessary to leave your party venue for walks, walk-and-talks, or similar activities in the nature surrounding our hotels.

Regardless of whether you want a walk in the fresh air or a slightly more action-packed activity, we strive to meet your wishes and needs for activities in the best possible way.

Infinite Possibilities for a Corporate Party

At Comwell, we have many facilities that are suitable for any type of event.

In addition to projectors, large screens, and sound systems, we also offer conference call equipment, ClickShare, whiteboards/flip charts, and microphones. You also have the opportunity to use our copy machine if needed. Our event and party venues have wireless Wi-Fi.

Our hotels always have plenty of parking options for participants, and the hotels in larger cities also have easy access to public transportation.

Possibilities All Over the Country

Whether you want to host a large company party or a smaller corporate event, and regardless of where in Denmark you want to hold your event, we have the ideal locations. Our 20 hotels and venues are spread all over the country from Copenhagen, Roskilde, and Helsingør to Odense, Middelfart, Kolding, and Vejle to Aarhus and Aalborg.

Furthermore, Comwell's hotels throughout the country all have their unique locations – for example, close to the beach in scenic surroundings or centrally located in a big city. So whether you dream of a party with beautiful sea views or a party in the heart of the city's vibrant atmosphere, our hotels in Zealand – mid-, south-, and North Zealand –, Funen, and Jutland can offer the perfect setting.

We look forward to welcoming you!





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