Taste the Best of All Worlds

Comwell Copenhagen Portside mad restaurant

Jesper Rais


Our kitchen bubbles with the seasons. And all the menus tantalize with hints of sweet, healthy, salty, and savory. The meat comes from always friendly Troels from Grambogaard. The greens are just picked and plucked from trees and bushes or dug up from the soil. And the fish is freshly caught.

All menus come with the house wines. All wonderful wines with a delightful taste and broad appeal. But if you're up for other exciting, surprising, and refreshing wines, we can recommend upgrading wines from the wine list. Our wine knowledge runs deep and wide.

Please, come on in

And see what the world is opening up! A location at Orientkaj says it all. It tastes of faraway horizons and curiosity. Of love for distant skies and all the wonderful foreign taste explosions, you’ll explore here, and the courage to put our Nordic ingredients in a new context. All a very important part of giving the taste a piquant smack of something new and a splendid spicy feeling.

Come taste our wonderful world cuisine and the best of all worlds. 

Comwell Copenhagen Portside mad restaurant

Jesper Rais

Welcome to vegans, vegetarians, and very much everyone

Our mainly green avant-garde kitchen appeals to vegans, vegetarians, well, everyone. And since we’re luckily located in the center of the vibrant Copenhagen ‘north pole’, Nordhavn, the food courage here is great and the green gets all the room it deserves. Not only in our rich and filling salads but as a mainspring in everything we do. For instance, our hotel is almost free from bottles and offers organic drinks from the tap instead.

We are green, so we are red and white

We don’t go far after our ingredients. All our greens are pulled out from the earth or picked from trees and bushes in our country’s luxuriant kitchen garden, and we are by first name with all our devoted farmers, Troels from Grambogaard who delivers our organic meat, for instance. We know the origins of all our ingredients and the story behind them. We even have green fingers ourselves! We have our mushroom farm cultivated on coffee grounds and a small greenhouse with micro greens.

From one Peak to Another

We embrace all the peaks during the day with sensuous changes of scenery, just let the aroma lead you! And whatever ells happily rouse the senses: the sound, the light, and everything spot on. From early morning to late night. Our Café has even open at night.

We mark the change from Friday Lunch to After Work Bar with DJ, and the change from lunch to an afternoon with the smell of freshly baked pie.

Comwell Copenhagen Portside restaurant bar

Long live the local loyal!

We know we’ve been blessed. We are located in the Eldorado, a vibrant and local Århusgade neighborhood, and Copenhagen’s pulsating north pole with its buzz and intoxicating atmosphere, and irresistible vibe. So naturally we would like to give something back and become local loyal. Yes, we are a large, international hotel. But we are also the place to go on Sundaze for simmered food with your family, for football on our big screen with beers and burgers. Or for a film night with classics on our screen and treats from the kitchen. Long live the local loyal!   

Gold and green

It is always really special to wake up to our popular breakfast. Just the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and tea! And the whole line up of delicacies, the local specialties, for instance.

At Comwell Copenhagen Portside we add a whole lot of greens so no one misses a thing. And you’ll find a lot of lovely alternatives for eggs and bacon (but we also have eggs and bacon!) For instance, come taste our grilled carrots with yogurt/mint dressing. Perhaps even with a glass of weekend bobbles?

We welcome you with open arms and intimacy from early morning at 6. Regardless of whether you are an A-, B- or ‘even longer to get out of bed person.

Comwell Copenhagen Portside

Jesper Rais

Green light for lunch

Creme de la Creme a la Carte. Or fancy some lovely, rich salads? Our lunch is well-suited for both the small, quick meal and the lunch meeting - and for mothers on maternity leave. Yet again we go around the world in 80 tastes (and then some!). A small dash of Mumbai here and a pinch of Jerusalem there. All part of giving the surprising pep of sweet, healthy, salty, and savory in our world cuisine.

Come by whether your wheels are on a pram, a Christiania bicycle, or a Tesla, and enjoy life at our large roofed terrasse by our new canal.

We serve lunch from 11.00 AM.

Take it away. 24seven!

Our Café is your new go-to spot after to go. The quick, but nurturing meal. Come by in a hectic lunch break either from your office or school or come on in from the street. Grab a coffee, some bottled love or spring water, a warm croissant, a rich salad, or a sandwich. Should work drag on, our Café is open 24 hours a day.

All disposable tableware is sustainable and plastic free, naturally.

Comwell Copenhagen Portside

Jesper Rais

Every day has something unique

After 5 PM we wear a tie. But we are far from uptight. We take pride in a very down-to-earth service, the intimacy. And eye contact. Forget about yesterday’s menu, look forward to exploring everything in season in new combinations today. Come sit in our elegantly decorated restaurant, where soft music underlines the intimate atmosphere.

Dinner time begins at 5.00 PM.

Taps of gold

The taps in the bar make us almost free from bottles and is yet another part of our wish of becoming as sustainable as possible. But the taps also make it possible to taste a bit of the different drinks in our bar and restaurant, offering a wine buffet, with wine- and bobble tastings, cocktails from Nohrlund, and a beer menu with all good from the classic to the more playful. The snag is that you get it all for a very sensible price.

Of course, we have the highest regard of all who don’t wish to drink alcohol, and we offer a lot of sensuous alternatives. Both on tap and bottle.

Bar and board games

International hotel bar vibe meets Århusgade spice. It sounds like sweet lounge music to our ears. Come by and beat your friend at Monopoly or enjoy a cocktail from Norhlund. Maybe even accompanied by some snacks from our DELI.    

Comwell Copenhagen Portside mad restaurant

Jesper Rais

Portside pause pleasure

The pause. The essential break. Especially when you see what we spoil you with. A number of untraditional dishes of salt, sweet and healthy, and naturally lots of green. We serve it all in our bar and lobby so everyone will enjoy the vibrant life in the hotel. 

You are always welcome!

  • 06.30 AM-10.00 AM Good morning (Saturday and Sunday from 7.00 AM-11.00 AM)

  • 11.00 AM-22.00 PM Lunch & Lounge (Sunday until 21.00 PM)

  • 5.00 PM-10.00 PM Dinner (Sunday is closed)