Meetings and conferences at Comwell

Facilities all over Denmark

At Comwell, we’re specialists in the organisation and management of company events. Our specialty is to arrange meetings, conferences, events and congresses of all sizes. We have the best venues for everything from a small 2-person meeting to big meetings and conferences as well as large congresses.

With 15 conference hotels and 1 congress centre, we cover all of Denmark. All our hotels have their own unique environment and space. However one thing they have in common is that they’re all located in beautiful surroundings and have professional staff who are always ready to help fulfill your wishes.

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Denmark’s Best Meeting Concept

We can offer you Denmark’s best meeting concept and meeting rooms. Three years in a row we have won the award for “Best meeting concept”, and in 2017 we also won the award for “Best meeting rooms”. Meeting coordinators around Denmark select the winner. Our team has skills and experience working with many different companies and professionals. Therefore, you know that you can count on us to make your event successful. We provide you with the tools to host the best meetings and conferences.

Vi står klar med nyeste viden indenfor møder og konferencer, som du kan benytte, som mødeafholder.

Get Your Own Meeting Planner

MeetingDesign is our free service, where we organise meetings and conferences according to your needs and wishes. We have a team of professional MeetingDesigners, and they are the core of our award-winning meeting concept. They’ll be there for you from the first phone call until the event is over and all the participants have left. That will give you peace of mind to focus on the agenda of the day and the content of the meeting.

Among other things, we can help with the planning itself, the meeting structure, suggestions for the best rooms, ideas for activities during the day, and how to put together the menu of the day etc. 

Avoid Technical Problems

Comwell is here to help with all your technology concerns, be it wifi, mobile devices, or a projector screen. During a meeting or conference it can be very frustrating if there’s technical equipment problems - especially if it takes too long to get support and get things working again.

That’s why at all our hotels we always have an AV technician present, who will make sure everything works, so presentations, receptions, seminars etc. can take place without distractions or interruptions. The technician will be available to help both during setup and during the meeting or conference itself, so you don’t have to worry and can just focus on the purpose of the program. 

Food With Thought

At Comwell we care about people and the environment. Therefore, we focus on sustainability in everything we do, including in the food and beverage catering we serve to you and your guests.

Our restaurant only uses the best quality ingredients of the season, and we prioritise the use of Danish organic ingredients. All our hotel restaurants have The Organic Cuisine Label, which means that all our meals are 30-60% organic - breakfast, lunch and dinner. After a long day of work and scheduling, you deserve to sit back and enjoy a great meal. 

Let Us Take Care of the Preparation

Taking care of the coordination in relation to hosting corporate events can be overwhelming. No matter the size of the event, we can help coordinate all the last minute booking details. We therefore offer to take care of preparing and managing the details for you through our Conference Manager system.

Your event will get its own sign-up website, we can be in charge of the invitations, and we can also handle the reservations, communication, invoices etc. 

We Are Ready to Help You Reserve, Plan and Arrange Your Next Meeting