Groundbreaking collaboration between Comwell and ordnung

07 February 2021

Comwell Hotels is expanding its well-known service concept from 1 April 2021, when it will be possible to rent office and co-working spaces at Comwell's new hotel in Nordhavn. Comwell has entered into a cooperation agreement with the Danish company ordnung to rent out modern office and co-working facilities at Comwell Copenhagen Portside. Comwell's CCO Michael Hansen says that the collaboration with ordnung is a good match, with long-term potential for both companies.

Comwell Copenhagen Portside, which opened in January, will become an even busier place from 1 April 2021, when it will begin renting out brand-new office and co-working spaces at Comwell’s newly built hotel in Copenhagen’s Nordhavn district. Comwell has entered into a cooperation agreement with the serviced office chain ordnung, which operates 12 co-working spaces with more than 2,500 workstations in Denmark on a daily basis. 

Comwell is challenging its own concept once again
Comwell is looking forward to the new collaboration, and Comwell's Chief Commercial Officer Michael Hansen says it is common sense to challenge the company’s own business concept:

“When we introduced co-working areas in all our hotels in 2017, giving guests free access to well-furnished areas to work or hold short meetings, it definitely posed a challenge to our own business concept. However, it didn’t detract from our core business. On the contrary we see a lot of entrepreneurs using our co-working areas while also taking advantage of our meeting and restaurant facilities. I think it’s necessary to dare to challenge your own business concept from time to time if you want to remain strong and competitive in the market.”

“The collaboration with ordnung is therefore a good match for our brand. We both provide facilities. They provide offices and we provide rooms and meeting facilities. In addition, we provide services such as a reception, cleaning and technical support.  We see a really good synergy between running a hotel offering overnight accommodation, meeting rooms and restaurants, while also offering office facilities with associated services. It gives our business customers the opportunity to take advantage of our well-known meeting and service concepts, while at the same time benefitting from the flexibility of a co-working space.”      

Asked whether the collaboration with ordnung came about as a consequence of the corona crisis, Michael Hansen said:
“We have been considering this for a while now, and simultaneously trying to come up with ideas of how we can further expand our services to the Danish business community. The corona crisis has accelerated the process and made it even more relevant. We see a trend emerging where, due to the corona crisis, Danish companies are seeking new opportunities in terms of office facilities and workplaces. We believe that an office and co-working space in an attractive location combined with our award-winning services will be the future for many companies.” 

New district perfect for a serviced office facility
ordnung’s COO Hauke Haas sees great potential in the upcoming office and co-working spaces at Comwell's new hotel, as well as its location in Copenhagen’s Nordhavn district:

“It has become more popular than ever for large and small businesses alike to rent office spaces in co-working communities. It helps free up capital while also giving companies the opportunity to facilitate knowledge-sharing with the other tenants. When a company is looking for new office facilities, the perfect location depends on several factors, including the industry it operates within as well as its size, budget, employees, facility preferences and reputation to name just a few.”

“Comwell's new hotel is not only a modern metropolitan hotel where they have gone to great lengths to create an appealing interior and atmosphere; it’s also located in a new, up-and-coming district in Copenhagen with a good mix of housing and businesses, recreational spaces, exciting liberal professions and great infrastructure, very close to the Metro. On top of that, our customers benefit from Comwell's well-known brand, high service standards, food concept and concern for the environment. That’s something a lot of companies and employees find appealing,” says Haas.   

Potential to expand the cooperation agreement further
ordnung currently operates 12 office and co-working spaces around the country, with more than 400 companies renting workspaces at their premises on a day-to-day or long-term basis. At Comwell Copenhagen Portside, ordnung will be responsible for renting out and furnishing the office and co-working facilities, as well as dialogue with the tenants, while Comwell will be responsible for the IT infrastructure, cleaning and security. With this new groundbreaking collaboration agreement, both parties are open to establishing office and co-working spaces at Comwell's other hotels in the future.

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