Bar V wins as best cocktail bar in Aalborg 2022

11 October 2022


If you are into superb cocktails with taste, character and story, then Bar V at Comwell Hvide Hus Aalborg is worth a visit. Bar V is the winner of the Aalborg Award: 'Best Cocktails in Town' in 2022, and thus regains the 2019 first place. 

By Maja Spangsberg Krogstrup

For Sebastian Døssing, bar manager at Bar V, the award is a huge recognition of the bar team's efforts to create a hotel bar with cocktails in a special league that can attract both locals and tourists to visit for good times in the bar. 

Local support is a huge advantage
"We have struggled for a couple of years to create a different approach to the cocktail game than what you typically see in Aalborg, mostly known for lively Jomfru Ane Gade," says Sebastian Døssing, who is extra honoured that the locals - the people of Aalborg – have voted the hotel bar into 1st place with 'Best Cocktails in Town' in 2022. 

"When the locals come to visit, it's a stamp of approval that we can do something that's worth coming back for", says Sebastian Døssing and adds: "You also know that from when you're out travelling yourself - if the locals go there, well, there must be something to it, right?” 

As a city hotel with many other offers just around the corner, they know at Comwell Hvide Hus Aalborg that they have to make an extra effort to get people to stay. And here the ambitious bar team at Bar V has managed to stand out in the local environment in Aalborg with signature cocktails that ooze quality and have an atypical expression. 

- "We are very interested in telling the story behind what we do. There is a reason why ingredients are mixed and handled the way they are. In this way, we try to give our guests an experience and a wow effect that goes beyond simply making a delicious cocktail.” explains Sebastian Døssing and emphasizes that they are proud to have succeeded so well in spreading the word about their exceptional cocktails and storytelling, which draws visitors from both near and far. 

The synergy between hotel kitchen and cocktail bar
When people look at our cocktail menu and say: "Well, I've never heard of that before." - "Then my response is: "I'm glad you say that...", laughs Sebastian Døssing - "because we developed those cocktails ourselves". 

"We are very keen on having the creative freedom to play with the things available to us. Our guests can order a classic Mojito or a Piña Colada - but then we tell about the ingredients and the alchemy of what we put together... For example, by using a special rum and clarifying the milk to extract the whey proteins from the milk, with which a classic cocktail gets a surprising whistle." says Sebastian Døssing. 

At bar V, for example, they have developed the Japanese Orchid cocktail, which is served in a china box. The idea arose because the hotel kitchen had a surplus of the boxes, and so they saw opportunities to utilize the remaining stock for a different serving in the bar. All in all, at Comwell Hvide Hus Aalborg there is a fantastic synergy between the kitchen and the bar, where head chef Marlene Poulsen and bar manager Sebastian Døssing have an ongoing dialogue to coordinate between the restaurant, bar menu and cocktail menu. The close collaboration means that they are constantly inspired by each other in the restaurant and the bar, and this also means that all parts of the raw materials are exploited and used to create a common thread in the serving and to avoid food waste. 

Bar operation based on sustainable decisions
"We try to take much of the sustainable way of thinking into our everyday life. Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out how to make the best of the cocktail world operating from a hotel bar. But we are really trying to advance that agenda.” says Sebastian Døssing. 

At Bar V, they produce the syrup and garnish themselves as well as some of the spirits they use for their cocktails. Rather than sending bottles back and forth all the time, the empty spirit bottles are cleaned and refilled with the ingredients they make in-house. This approach to their bar operations is both economically sensible and more sustainable. As an example, at Bar V they have produced their own champagne syrup from the half-empty, opened champagne bottles with too little carbonation. Instead of pouring the champagne down the sink, it is boiled into syrup for new delicious cocktails. 

"We can optimize in that way - it's gastronomic when you are at our level and operate with the ingredients in depth as we do," says Sebastian Døssing, and adds: "Fortunately, we have the framework and approval we need at Bar V - because it takes a lot of time to develop new cocktails. It's not just about having a good idea and throwing it all together - and then we're ready to go. It requires trial and error.” 

Everyone in the bar team is passionate about continuing to develop and raise the standard. Therefore, Sebastian Døssing also points out that an important part of the credit must be given to the great internal support that Bar V has at Comwell Hvide Hus Aalborg to focus on running a bar with huge ambitions. 

The taste of sweet victory
Of course, Aalborg's best cocktail bar 2022 must also have a designated victory cocktail! Immediately after the award ceremony, Sebastian Døssing is busy speculating on developing a suitable winning cocktail with sweetness, depth and perhaps with springles of gold. 

For Bar V, the Aalborg Award means a lot to the hotel bar's struggles to get people to understand that they are welcome for a bar visit, even if they are not staying at the hotel. 

"We also saw the effect in 2019, when we won the award. It gave a great boost to the local's visit to the bar. The award provided a good platform quite quickly.” says Sebastian Døssing and emphasizes that the award in 2022 has received a lot of attention locally: 

"Just as an example, local guests were already in the bar the day after we received the award to wish us luck - now they had to try our cocktails. And we have really succeeded in making it clear that you are always welcome in the bar, even if you do not check into a room. It's insanely cool and a huge pat on the back that we're proud of.” says Sebastian Døssing. 

So if you haven't yet had the pleasure of experiencing Bar V's cocktails with equal parts alchemy and magic, the bar doors are open for you, whether you check in or just drop in for a superb signature cocktail.

Signature cocktails at Bar V