Comwell doubles the number of charging points for electric cars

01 March 2022

Rising sales of hybrid and electric cars are causing the demand for charging points to increase significantly. This means Comwell is expanding its capacity for charging electric cars. In collaboration with Clever, new charging points are now being set up at all of the hotel chain's 15 hotels across the country to make a total of 71 charging points; twice the current number.

More and more Danes are choosing to contribute to the green transition by buying a rechargeable car, and last December, Denmark broke a new record, as more than half of all new cars were rechargeable. This is increasing demand for car charging options around the country.

At Comwell, the establishment of charging stations began eight years ago and in recent years, a total of 36 charging points have been spread across the country. The increasing need to be able to charge electric cars on the go is clear: 

“At Comwell, we have worked purposefully with the green transition for many years, and it is part of our business strategy. We have offered our guests the opportunity to charge their electric car since 2014, so we are pleased to now increase the number of charging stations in collaboration with Clever. Being able to get to and from our hotels easily is an important service parameter for our guests and for us. Like us, our guests want the green transition. So for me, it is quite natural to meet a green need like this,” says Commercial Director of Comwell, Michael Hansen.

Better geographic coverage
Clever is pleased with the collaboration and initiative to establish another 35 charging points throughout the country. If Danes are to take their electric cars with them, it is important that they can charge them on the go, no matter where in the country they are, says Clever's director, Casper Kirketerp-Møller:

With 71 charging points at 15 hotels, Comwell is entering the battle for the green transition and for better conditions for hotel guests with electric cars. The market for electric cars is in a rapid development, and more and more companies have a strong focus on contributing to the green transition by making it easy to choose an electric car. The business community's contribution to public charging infrastructure is crucial when securing charging points where electric drivers are. That is why it’s important that we make it even easier for companies through agreements like this.”

Clever has just increased its ambition for the number of publicly available charging points from 10,000 to 20,000 by the end of 2025. At present, there are approximately 5,000 public charging points throughout Denmark.

Comwell operates 15 hotels in Denmark across the country, and the establishment of the new charging points has been launched and is expected to be completed in March 2022. For the time being, the charging stations at Comwell's hotels are reserved for guests. Guests can pay the charge through the Clever app as part of their subscription with Clever, or through ad-hoc payments.

All Comwell's hotels have the Green Key label, which is the international tourism eco-label. It is awarded to tourism companies making an extra effort to protect the environment. Over the past six years, the hotel chain has reduced its electricity, water and heat consumption by more than 20%. In future, Comwell has a goal of reducing these numbers by a further 2% per year.