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Conferences & meetings in Aarhus

Comwell Aarhus - Meeting room breakout area

Modern facilities in the heart of the city

Our location in the heart of the city makes Comwell Aarhus an obvious choice, to host your conference, workshop or a meeting close to the city and with easy access.

Our rooms and lounges can be adapted according to your needs and scales from 24 m2 to 450 m2. Therefore we can accommodate events of all sizes - from a two person meeting to events with 500 guests.

Across the street you'll find unique and historic venues; Centralværkstedet and Smedien. These two locations are also part of Comwell, and can host large meetings, conferences, parties, exhibitions and fairs.


Our facilities include:

  • 10 top modern and flexible plenary rooms
  • 10 smaller meeting- and conference rooms
  • Free Co-Work spaces
  • Free WiFi
  • Large terrasse
  • City Reflection Tour - as a part of motivational meetings
  • Free charge of e-cars, normal parking fees applies

The possibilities are endless at Comwell Aarhus

Comwell Aarhus capacity- and facility overview

Comwell Aarhus - Lobby

Virtuel walkabout - like being there yourself

Here you can explore our meeting rooms, common areas and facilities through 3D videos.

Vi hjælper med ideer til at bruge by-rummet som inspirerende og og udfordrende modspil til dine mødedeltagere.

Alternative meeting styles

As a part of the motivational meetings concept, at Comwell Aarhus we offer a special "City Reflection" tour. Experience the city's vibrant space and at the same time create creative reflections based on your meeting agenda.

Equipped with an iPad and an overview map, you'll be lead securely through the city with special emphasis on experiences, reflections and learning. Through questions, tasks and new knowledge, you'll review your meeting agenda in a new and different way.

Comwell City Reflections can be experienced in several ways, depending on your agenda and goals for the meeting - everyone can join. The trip usually lasts 2 hours.


Our MeetingDesigners are here for you

In Comwell we have offered MeetingDesigners since 2004, and they remain an integral part of our award winning meeting concept. They stay on top of the newest trends in the meeting- and conference industry, which enables them to offer you the best possible advice.

We take part in:

  • Planning your meeting in order to meet goals
  • Advice towards work methods and activities suitable for your meeting
  • Ideas on how to engage attendees in the program
  • How breaks become an active element in the meeting's program
  • Foods and beverages which leave you more than just full
  • Ideas for followups that ensure a lasting output

Catering with care

In Comwell we prioritize society and environment. This is apparent in the foods and beverages we serve for our guests.

At our hotels, you will receive fresh and flavourful courses, prepared in a sustainable manner. Every meal consists of plenty of vegetables, quality meats, and baked goods, thus ensuring energy throughout the whole day of meetings. With a full stomach and a clear head, you are one step closer to a succesful meeting.

We prioritize working with organic Danish seasonal produce. This provides you the best possible experience, us the greatest work satisfaction, and the environment a better future.


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