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Conferences & meetings in Aarhus

Comwell Aarhus - Meeting room breakout area

Modern facilities in the heart of the city

Our location in the heart of the city, makes Comwell Aarhus an obvious choice, to host your conferences, workshops or meetings. We are conviniently close to the city, providing your meeting participants easy access to our hotel.

Our wide variety of meeting rooms and lounges, can be adapted to fit your exact needs. The meeting rooms measures anything from 24 m2 to 450 m2, making us able to accommodate events of all sizes - from a 2 person meeting to events with up to 500 guests.

Across the street, you will find unique and historic venues; Centralværkstedet and Smedien. These two locations are also part of Comwell, and these stunning locations can host large meetings, conferences, parties, exhibitions and fairs.


Our facilities include

  • 10 state-of-the-art and flexible meeting and conference rooms 
  • 10 smaller conference and meeting rooms
  • Free wi-fi IT and AV equipment in all meeting rooms 
  • Team building exercises outside and inside 
  • Gin bar and delicious restaurant 
  • Free Co-Work area 
  • 240 rooms 
  • Accommodation in connection with the conference 
  • Parking basement

Capacity- and facility overview


Go on a Virtual tour

Explore our meeting rooms, common areas and facilities in 3D videos of the hotel.


Alternative meeting styles

As a part of the motivational meetings concept, at Comwell Aarhus we offer a special "City Reflection" tour. Experience the city's vibrant space and at the same time create creative reflections based on your meeting agenda.

Equipped with an iPad and an overview map, you'll be lead securely through the city with special emphasis on experiences, reflections and learning. Through questions, tasks and new knowledge, you'll review your meeting agenda in a new and different way.

Comwell City Reflections can be experienced in several ways, depending on your agenda and goals for the meeting - everyone can join. The trip usually takes 2 hours.


Free, personal MeetingDesign service

At Comwell, we have offered our MeetingDesign service since 2004, and this service remains a key element in our award-winning meeting concept. They stay on top of the newest trends in the meeting- and conference industry, which enables them to offer you the best possible advice.

We take part in:

  • Planning your meeting in order to meet your goals
  • Advice for work methods and activities suitable for your meeting
  • Ideas on how to engage your meeting participants
  • How integrating well-planned breaks add value to your meeting
  • Advice on the right food and beverages that keep the steam throughout the entire day
  • Ideas for follow-up that ensure a lasting meeting output

Sustainable catering

At Comwell we care for both people and the environment. This is clearly reflected in our choice of food and beverages we are serving our guests.

As our guest, you will have fresh and tasty food cooked in a sustainable way. Each meal has of plenty of vegetables, good quality meat and home-baked bread. High quality food is crucial to ensure maximum energy at any type of meeting. With a full stomach and a clear mind, you are one step closer to a successful meeting. 

We prioritize working with Danish, mainly organic ingredients while respecting the seasons. This gives you get the best taste experience, our employees the greatest job satisfaction, and contributes to improving the environment



At our various locations across Jutland, Funen and Zealand you will find a Comwell conference center with state-of-the-art conference facilities. 

Our many venues and hotels can also be used for lectures, as teaching rooms, for walk-home meetings or as a congress centre. combined with weekend stays. 

No matter where in the country you are, we can offer complete meeting solutions and conference stays. Our facilities are fantastically suitable for conference nights, all-day meetings and day meetings, as we also offer hotel accommodation and delicious organic catering throughout the day.


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