Comwell honoured with European sustainability award for the fourth year in a row

22 March 2022

The Sustainable Brand Index Award will be presented today, and according to Danish consumers, Comwell is the most sustainable hotel chain in Denmark.

Comwell’s ambitious work towards the green transition is now being honoured for the fourth year in a row with the Sustainable Brand Index Award™, which is Europe’s largest independent brand study on sustainability.

For ten years, SB Insight, the Swedish insight agency behind the index, has carried out the comprehensive analysis on how sustainability influences branding, communication and business development. With the help of 69,850 consumers in 8 European countries, the study measures and analyses over 1,508 brands across 35 industries. In Denmark, 9,500 consumers have rated 233 brands in 23 industries.

The Sustainable Brand Index measures consumers’ perceptions of the individual company’s sustainability efforts, and is largely based on consumers’ knowledge and expertise. In summary, the study measures how much or how little consumers know about the individual company’s responsibility when it comes to sustainability, as well as how they perceive it.

“Despite two tough years with closures and many restrictions, I am pleased that Danish consumers still consider us to be Denmark’s most sustainable hotel chain, and that our work towards the green transition matters. We can clearly see that our guests have become much more aware of green choices, including when it comes to meetings and accommodation. We continue to work actively towards the UN’s Global Goals and the UN Global Compact, and the ambitions for that work remain the same as when we began our green transition in 2015,” says Comwell’s HR and Sustainability Director, Mai-Britt Jensen.

Last year, Comwell offered sustainability training to all employees while also intensifying the fight against food waste, which among other things resulted in the publication of ‘Mad-Ild’, a Danish cookbook that contains a large number of recipes based on utilising produce more efficiently. In the summer of 2021, Comwell was honoured with three awards in conjunction with the momondo Climate Award and also joined the UN Global Compact.

In good company
Once again this year, Comwell is in good company at the award ceremony, with some of the world’s biggest brands also attending. Winners include LEGO, Siemens, Tesla, IKEA and SAS in their respective categories. Overall, Comwell enters this year in 39th place out of the 233 brands included in the analysis, with this year’s Top 5 made up of REMA 1000, LEGO, Thise Mejeri, Coop and Aarstiderne.

The ranking in the Sustainable Brand Index™ is based on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). It is an overall evaluation that takes its basis in the Global Goals. The study also looks at consumers’ perceptions of what sustainability is and what it means to them, as well as their expectations and requirements for companies’ sustainability work. In addition, the study is based on specific questions and focus areas that are relevant to the individual industry.

Ambitious initiatives in 2022
To maintain the positive development in realising a greener environmental footprint, throughout 2022, Comwell will continue its work on food waste, reducing energy consumption, as well as sustainable interior design and renovation. The hotel chain’s kitchens have all resumed their work on calculating food waste, which will be used to set targets and to benchmark with other hotel chains. In addition, the hotel chain is working towards sorting waste and recycling at all stages of its operations. Comwell continues to train its employees in order to support the sustainability efforts. Efforts include developing a new Food Coordinator training programme for employees in the kitchen in collaboration with external partners, which will start this spring.